Above 800 Huércal Overa children know the traditional cuisine of the very grandmothers

Children and adults of Huércal-Overa have coalesced around the traditional cuisine of the municipality in the XII Gastronomic Kitchen So my Grandmother who have held this morning at the Center for Active Seniors Participation, on the occasion of the XXXVII Anniversary held until next 16 June, and in which were present Mayor, Domingo Fernández, Councilor for Social Welfare, Emilio Pérez, and other representatives of the Corporation.

Above 800 children different schools in the municipality have had the opportunity to learn traditional recipes of grandmothers and taste the dishes prepared by some thirty cooks who have been encouraged to participate in traditional dishes such as garlic colorao, I empedrao, pellets, oil and gas, snails, broth eggs, wheat, fried cakes, rice pudding, oxtail, are just some examples of the dishes could taste and with the guys did a tour of the local cuisine.

The mayor stressed the importance of such events in which "is disclosed part of our culture to small, the municipality is very rich in gastronomy and we have to show it to the new generations to become part of their diet and to preserve ", It also urged the cooks to "continue keeping alive the local cuisine and transmitting it acts like this small and young, today they have enjoyed cooking at the same time have lived a day of exchange of experience between generations, in which children have known more about our people ".

The City Council have congratulated Christopher Salvador, organizer of the conference that a year has been "our roots and traditions to children" while thanked the teachers who have engaged in this activity ". This year also has benefited from Juan Leal guest, who is still a strong proponent of gastronomy throughout the province.

The Consistory gave all participants a small gift along with an apron memory of the event.