Above 250 Almanzora Valley families have purchased homes in the Board residing

Attending the meeting with the delegate of Housing.

Attending the meeting with the delegate of Housing.

The territorial delegate of Public Works and Housing in Almeria, Joaquín Jiménez, It has met today 27 mayors and municipal representatives of municipalities in the region of Almanzora to analyze the operation and management of municipal housing records, forum has revealed that 255 families in the area have already acquired the houses where they live, until now managed by the Andalusian Government.

Jimenez explained that the public housing stock Board had in the region with more than 500 housing, which 255 They have already been bought by its inhabitants, "Whom we have facilitated the acquisition of the property to have it in property, always the final price minus the amount paid by families in rent ". "We want families own their homes offering them at very affordable prices and very favorable conditions for them", he insisted.

Thus, now, He added the delegate, "Residential park managed by the regional government in the region is in the 258 households", whose management as a social good is done through municipal housing records. "With this tool we have updated information on housing needs, allowing local administrations and the Andalusian adapt their housing and land policies, while it is establishing mechanisms for selection for the award of public housing at the municipal level ", He explained the delegate, who has defended the role of public goods that meet the social housing ".

"This is a public good to serve the public and, in this case, of families who need "more, Jimenez has ruled, who recalled that this objective is governing the occupation of promotion 60 public housing built in Olula del Río, of which only one-third has been occupied ". For this reason, during the meeting with the mayors, Joaquin Jimenez has indicated that it is necessary to analyze the operation of registries across the region, "So that we can make a work of joint management for these homes meet the purpose for which they were built".

One of the pillars supporting the new Housing and Rehabilitation Plan of Andalusia 2017-2020, Jimenez recalled, "It is precisely the promotion of rent, along with rehabilitation and the fight against evictions, They constitute the social strategy driven by the Andalusian government to guarantee the right to housing of the Andalusian ".