Green light 130.000 euros to promote equality in the municipalities of Almeria under 20.000 people

Overview of Urrácal.

Overview of Urrácal.

Almería Provincial Council has given the green light to the call for grants to the municipalities of Municipalities of Up 20.000 inhabitants and local authorities in the Autonomous Province for the actions of an Equality.

Deputy Equality, Dolores Martínez, He reminded the municipalities that -from Monday- can be ascribed to the call for subsidies this year has seen an increase in starting to reach 130.000 euros. "We remain committed to Equality and as with grants from the Council of Women, the municipality of San experienced significant growth. 30.000 euros more than in 2016, which is a 30% plus".

These grants last year helped finance various projects presented by some 80 municipalities: workshops, all kinds of activities and initiatives to develop lines of action focused on preventing violence against women, gender equality, sociocultural participation in the activities of the municipality, career development of women as well as any specific need to be detected in groups at risk of social exclusion.

It is a line of aid collected within Provincial Strategy for Equality of Women and Men in Almería (2012-2015) of the Special Delegation of Equality, Family and Housing, and it is intended to financially support municipalities under 20.000 inhabitants to develop actions for gender equality and integrate within their local public policies.

The amount of the grant must be less than three thousand euros, not exceeding two thousand nine hundred ninety-nine euros (2.999 €). Each local entity may one project in the application.

The eligible projects of local authorities conducted in their municipalities to develop any of the following lines of action:

• Prevention of violence against women.
• Gender equality at City Hall.
• Promoting women employment.
• sociocultural participation of women in their municipality.
• Women with specific and / or needs belonging to groups at risk of social exclusion.