'Widows’ They staged the Burial of the Sardine in Cuevas de Almanzora


Peña de la Sardina Cuevas de Almanzora starred in the festive day yesterday, as does every Ash Wednesday in Cuevas de Almanzora. "Widowers", as they are also known, They marched through the main streets of the town accompanied the widow, as usual since 1976, date from which this feast is celebrated uninterruptedly.

The day began with the 17:30 hours with traditional games for children in the municipality in the Park Recess.

This year, the 'widows', who returned to show off their traditional costume, caped and hat or handkerchief, They attended the Burial of the Sardine, which he departed from the Recreation Park, on 19:00 hours, with musical accompaniment.

The priest, as every year, He led the funeral with the poster of this and his rosary peculiar morcillas, while the widow, one of the members of the rock disguised as a woman, he was afflicted all the way.

Friday morning programming will continue with the Contest Carnival Traditional Mask 19:00 a 21:00 hours, to be held at the Glorieta Sotomayor and street La Rambla. The first prize in the form of adults is 150 euros; the second 100 and the third euros 80 euros. The children will compete for a first prize of 50 euros; one second 40 euros; and a third 30 euros. This day the party will be accompanied by "Maikel and the Klan" in La Glorieta.

And on Saturday 13 the carnival parade will be held longer than expected, Carnival will close this year, in which they participate 29 and rocks from the Plaza of the Castle to 17:30 hours.