The people expelled from Galasa offer dialogue, but they will not accept "blackmail or threats"

Mayor Seron, Juan Antonio Lorenza.

Mayor Seron, Juan Antonio Lorenza.

The PSOE de Almería has called today "blackmail" the decision of the Provincial Council of million dollar compensation claim to the five municipalities that have expelled from Galasa -Serón, Lúcar, Urrácal, Armuña de Almanzora and Tíjola-, after their refusal to accept the new rates that the council wants them to impose. Specifically, Almería Provincial Council is claiming compensation to municipalities totaling expelled 5 million euros by applying tariffs that now claims that were loss, while the rest of the Almanzora people who continue in Galasa and had similar rates do not ask anything.

At a press conference, PSOE spokesman in the council and mayor of Seron, Juan Antonio Lorenzo has said that the Socialists expelled municipalities continue to offer "dialogue" to unclog the future of the public company that manages the water supply Levante and Almanzora, but they will not accept "blackmail or threats".

"The council is going against five municipalities, to try to impose conditions for the provision of the service are not what we signed ", Lorenzo noted, who has detailed that these conditions would be the application of new tariffs and the obligation to purchase shares of Galasa. "In the case of Seron, since I say that we will not buy shares; I would not do with my money, and I'm not going to do it with money from my neighbors ", has warned.

As for the rate, Lorenzo has called the council wants to impose the "political price", since "it is the president who capriciously change it, as evidenced in the last full ". "Rates have to correspond to the actual cost to have the service", He has insisted the spokesman.

About five million euros that the County Council is asking them expelled from the five municipalities Galasa, Juan Antonio Lorenzo has warned that the claim is "unfair", since the municipalities that are within the network Galasa and have implemented in recent years similar rates are not claiming them anything.


At this point, Socialist spokesman has warned: "By the time we reach a requirement debt, in the case of Seron 2,3 million, and I see that the people next door have not gotten anything, I will consider that this is a crime by the person who asks me and I will make known to justice ". "That's called prevarication", he remarked, "You can not make politics a people asking for money for a question and not ask another for the same, the Council is not to make this type of aggression to the people ".

In this regard it has coincided with Secretary of Municipal Policy PSOE provincial, Adela Segura, who regretted that the Council, "It is an entity that should advise and assist municipalities with less than 20.000 population", It is being devoted to "attack".

"We do not want to confront, we want to solve ", he assured. "The four municipalities governed by the PSOE have no problem sitting down to talk, but the rates have agreed to conform to the reality of each municipality and based on economic criteria, can not be prescribing the president or vice president of the Provincial ", It has been said.