Employment programs benefiting Board 180 Huercal-Overa persons.

The territorial delegateEquality, Health and Policy, Alfredo Valdivia, Huercal-Overa visited to see first hand how they are developed in the municipality different employment promotion programs promoted by the Junta de Andalucía and which will benefit a total of 180 people. Valdivia delivered at a ceremony at City Hall credentials participants in the program Emple @ 30 and then visited the areas of work of the people hired through the Program to Assist the Procurement Decree of Inclusion through Employment and Solidarity Extraordinary Measures, as well as those who have agreed to a job using Program Emple @ young.

Huercal-Overa the Junta de Andalucía has allocated 61.062 euros for development Assistance Program for hiring, has enabled the realization of 92 contracts in the town. Also, for young Emple Emple @ @ 30 programs have been transferred to the City of Huercal-Overa 432.600 and 151.664 euros, respectively. In total there are about 650.000 euros for the development of various initiatives with a common denominator: providing employment for people at risk of social exclusion or who have special difficulties in accessing the labor market.

During his visit to the town, Alfredo Valdivia said that "the regional government remains convinced that employment is the best weapon to ensure the dignity and welfare of individuals and families and so committed to the development of initiatives like this, trying to facilitate access to the labor market of people who are more vulnerable ". Valdivia stated that "despite the economic strangulation suffered by imposing an unfair target deficit by the central government, the Board is making a considerable effort to implement initiatives like these, aimed at those most are being hit by the crisis ".

Assist the Procurement

Program to Assist the Procurement is one of the measures contained in the Decree of Inclusion through Employment and Solidarity Extraordinary Measures. Collect extraordinary aid to local authorities for hiring unemployed people at risk of social exclusion, for a period of between 15 days and three months, for the development of activities of interest to the community

It is a globally endowed with program 40 million and pursues combat situations of social exclusion, because of the economic crisis, are occurring in many Andalusian homes. With this motivation, in the award of contracts priority will be given to households with all members unemployed, large families forming part of minors, people with disabilities or in situations of dependency and single parents and victims of domestic violence with dependent children.

In Almería participating in the program 100 of the 102 municipalities in the province, with a total amount of 3.298.368 euros. Most municipalities have already received full funding for program development, and only subtracts a second payment to those locations that higher funds have been allocated to 34.000 euros.


The Emple @ Young Program is aimed at unemployed young people between 18 and 29 years and has a budget of 200 million for 2014 and 2015, from own funds of the Board and the European Social Fund. It has five initiatives: Young Active Jobs, with individualized tutoring plans and monitoring to improve employability; Social Cooperation and Community Initiative, including procurement by municipalities; the Business Internship Initiative, with a thousand scholarships; Bono reformulating the Youth Employment; and a line of support for professional practice in I D i.

The Andalusian earmarked a total investment of 13.289.078 euros to 260 projects approved in Almería, presented by 101 Almeria municipalities, amount that will cover the 100% of wage costs 2.721 young people who may be employed for up 6 months and contribution groups ranging from 1.300 and 1.700 euros, depending on the preferences of each municipality.