Seron traders Partner to encourage consumption in the locality

meeting in the house of culture.

meeting in the house of culture.

Last Thursday was officially launched in Seron Merchants Association of this town, 'Seron Trade’ in the House of Culture of the municipality.
Eager and strength to boost local trade, the group has begun its work after months planning strategies and devising the best ways to attract local audiences, regional or provincial to meet the varied offer of the municipality.

Currently the initiative has 27 retail partners, waiting for you in a short period of time the number of establishments to "advance with the fundamental rule of collaboration and partnership of all Seron business" expands, said the president of the entity, Carlos Jimenez Mora.

"In small communities like ours, the relationship between merchants and neighbors goes beyond the purely economic, traders depend on our business as anyone of their work, we depend on that relationship, we are not only business, but neighbors, Seron families, with friends, family and many things in common ", adds the entrepreneur.

Jimenez Mora explained that promoting the development of business, They not only produce economic growth, but also social welfare within the municipality.
"To encourage purchases and not only with the intention to attract customers, but especially for our neighbors avoid going out, to supermarkets to buy, We present the campaign with the illusion that is the beginning of a long and fruitful journey for all ", ends the president of the group.

This Christmas buy serón has prize

The association has devised and proposed several initiatives to promote trade; the first through the draw of three batches of products valued, each more than 500 euros. To participate in this project, stakeholders should be made with the card at any establishment associated, obtaining a seal with each of the purchases made in the same. When the user gets 10 different stamps, these should be deposited in the mailboxes to be found in each of the businesses associated with 'Seron Trade'.
Day 5 January Their Majesties the Kings of the East passing through Seron extracted three cardboards which shall be as graceful with each batch.
To facilitate the information and details of the initiative, the event organizers have listed and list of associated establishments campaign posters, through a facebook page and thanks to the logos in their windows.
This initiative is part of the 'Plan to Promote Trade and Competitiveness Local', with the aim of revitalizing small businesses in the municipality.
"The small business is a strategic sector for the economic development of Seron, It is one of the main economic activities of our economy. For all this, we have considered particularly important to launch a project to revitalize and boost local trade, a project to establish a set of measures aimed at modernizing, to strengthen and give continuity to small businesses ", indicates the Councillor for Tourism and Trade, Carmen Cuadrado.
"By the City Council there is a firm and resolute commitment to this sector, but we want to be a strategy promoted by the traders themselves, we have laid the groundwork through individualized advice they have received and traders and also through seminars and workshops that they have given during these months, within this Plan ", Square ends.