Protection centers Seron and serve over Purchena 60 children in care


The territorial delegate Equality, Health and Social Policy, José María Martín today visited the facilities located in both municipalities and develop different care programs for children under guardianship.

The territorial delegate Equality, Health and Social Policy, Jose Maria Martin, today visited the three juvenile facilities located in the towns of Seron and Purchena, where he held a meeting with the mayors of both municipalities. During the day, Martin has known the functioning of the centers 'Children's House', 'Los Cármenes' and 'La Casa', where it serves more than 60 children through various programs promoted by the Department of Equality and Social Policies

In Seron, Jose Maria Martin has visited with the mayor, Juan Antonio Lorenzo, the basic residential care center 'Children's House'. this center, publicly owned, It is managed by the Town Council. In it attention is paid to a dozen children, that comprehensive care offered to their material needs, educational and emotional, which they can not be covered at least temporarily by his own family.

The Andalusian maintains a collaboration agreement with this school since 2006, which it has been progressively expanded and has allowed eight generating jobs in the municipality.

In the town of Purchena, territorial delegate Equality, Health and Social Policies visited, accompanied by the mayor, Juan Miguel Tortosa, the two juvenile detention centers run by the non-profit organization Association for Protection and Intervention dependent groups 'Inter-Prode': the juvenile center 'La Casa', dedicated to the care of minors with behavioral disorders; and 'Cármenes', where the job placement program is developed for children in care of 16 a 18 years old.

The house has 23 squares and facilities performed residential care and the development of specific programs of care for those children who have severe behavioral disorders associated mostly with mental health conditions and those who have adopted administrative or judicially, protection measures. In it to children in Andalusia is served, in facilities that have recently been expanded and renovated.

For his part, 'Los Cármenes' is one of two centers in the province of Almeria which develops the Program Guidance and social and labor aimed at tutored children between 16 and 18 years old, which seeks to prevent the exclusion of these children once they are no longer protected by the Board upon reaching the age of majority and have to leave protection centers where they have lived.

The objective of this program is to prepare these minors, that soon will no longer be under the protection of the Board because they meet the age of majority, so they can fend for themselves and face their autonomous life in the best possible conditions. The professionals responsible for developing the project produce personalized insertion itineraries through personal interviews with boys and girls, so that they can establish what resources they need from the linguistic point of view, cultural, social and labor.