Astronomers reject the Calar Alto Galadí dismissal and ask the CAHA “reconsider” decision.

Technical astronomers Calar Alto Observatory, located in Gergal (Almería), Friday have expressed their “overwhelming rejection” to remove the head of David Galadí Astronomy Group therefore has urged the German-Spanish Astronomical Center consortium (CAHA) a “reconsider” the leaves office also responsible for the dissemination and communication center.

In a statement, astronomers have criticized the “lack of reasons” given by the two vice presidents of the institutions that make up the consortium CAHA, so they have considered Galadí, which has been replaced by Professor Santos Pedraz, “should continue with their duties, both as a team leader responsible for outreach and communication”.

“His work as a group leader has been excellent. Will coordinate a group known Whose intrinsic characteristics are complicated. He also stressed on the harmonious coordination of work between computers, driving sensibly not always simple situations”, has valued the template astronomers, he has called “clarify the reasons” this decision.

In this, have highlighted his work as “one of the best communicators of Spain” with a “extensive bibliography, scientific texts translated, articles in national and international journals, organization of conferences and seminars”. With this, have been added since his inauguration, Observatory “has undergone many structural changes, functional and economic, of which everyone is informed”.

For astronomers, Galadí “has ensured that the Centre continues to operate one hundred percent without any loss in productivity and functionality of telescopes” which in addition “since February 2014 Observatory worked properly fulfilling the objectives for which it was created, despite the decline in its director”.