Agents Guadalinfo Almería celebrate their Provincial Meetings 2015



Guadalinfo began Monday 16 November in Jaén Provincial round of meetings has now saturated in Almería. The appointment has met the Pythagorean building Almería Science and Technology Park (PITA), the hundreds of Local Innovation Agents working in the 99 network centers distributed throughout the province. Guadalinfo has more than 99.673 users Almería centers have organized more than 54.900 activities.

During this meeting, organized by the Consorcio Fernando de los Rios public entity that manages the network of social innovation Guadalinfo commissioned by the eight county councils and the Andalusian- these professionals could exchange experiences, knowledge and ideas about the work they do in their area of ​​influence, receive information on the challenges of the project and participate with their contributions in the design of three new challenges faced by Guadalinfo to adapt to new demands and needs demanded by citizens.

Contributions to future Guadalinfo: Innovation and Strategic Plan 2016-20

Local Innovation Agents in the province of Almeria have worked designing the new cycle of innovation in Guadalinfo through synergy between the centers and the renewed website Also, They have contributed to the current philosophy and organization of the activities of the centers that seeks to promote the work on territorial network and get the most out of collective intelligence 800 local innovation agents working throughout Andalusia. This update is embodied in a new Guide energizing centers and a new technological tool for agents to manage and plan their activities. Finally, Almeria have known the AIL, and made contributions to the main lines of the Strategic Plan 2016-2020, in a classroom session will proceed through a web community involved in the 800 Guadalinfo agents network in Andalusia.

Provincial Meetings 2015 #EEPP15 who began the day 16 November in Jaén, continue his round by the Andalusian provinces last morning in Cordoba and Seville end.

Guadalinfo in Almería

The network of public Internet access centers Guadalinfo, managed by Fernando de los Ríos Consortium commissioned by the eight councils Andalusia and the Andalusian, trabaja desde su nacimiento hace trece años en garantizar la igualdad de oportunidades de acceso ciudadano a la tecnología en distintos niveles: from those who are released on the Internet, even those who are new business models based on information and communications technology (TIC). In Almeria this work is done from the 99 distributed by the province centers.

Almeria has 99.673 network users and their centers have been launched 54.957 activities since the beginning of Guadalinfo.