Agents Environment Board held 62.100 performances in the last year in the province of Almería

The delegate with the agents during the meeting.

The delegate with the agents during the meeting.
The delegate with the agents during the meeting.

Environmental agents of the Government of Andalusia in Almería have made over the last year more than 62.000 performances, most of them framed within the Plan and Environmental Control Inspection, related management and forestry, The hunt, fishing, natural areas and public use, among other topics.

These data were released today during the meeting held this morning the territorial delegate of Environment and Territory Management, Antonio Martinez, with agents of the Environment and the provincial coordinator of these, Jacinto Navarro. At that meeting it has been informed of the actions taken in the last year in the province and Inspection Plan and Environmental Control for 2016.

Antonio Martinez has highlighted "the importance of the work performed by agents of the Environment, a body attached to the territorial delegation of Almería and whose double technical work and administrative police, allows daily custody of the environmental heritage Andalusian, participating in the investigation and clarification of environmental crimes, to being coated with the character of judicial police generic ". Almeria Corps Environmental Agents Environment attached to the Ministry of Environment of the Junta de Andalucía is composed of 64 effective, Agents have consideration of the Authority in the exercise of their functions and are officials of the Junta de Andalucía.

performances, most framed within Plan Environmental Inspection and Control, They are related to prevention and environmental quality; geodiversity and biodiversity; hunting and fishing; forest management and utilization; natural areas, public use and the public domain.


Workspaces by as many performances are those relating to surveillance work, custody and monitoring of the natural environment, with 20.450 performances; followed by performances in prevention, detecting and fighting forest fires, reaching the 15.060. As regards the hunting management, were carried 8.543 performances; 6.100 inspections in natural areas and public use; environmental protection and prevention 3.604, Conservation of Nature, 3.200 performances, Costas, 3.100 performances, 921 Cattle Routes performances, 89 Fisheries Management and 1.033 in other performances.

It should be noted that 2015 they rose 1.026 acts of denunciation, although not all actions carried out recently in complaint, either because the offender is unknown, either because it is not subject to the action that is being performed.

Endangered Species

Within these actions, it is noteworthy that proceeded by environmental agents conducting 1.732 collection actions specimens of species threatened for transfer to the Species Recovery Centers Amenadas (CREAS). Within these species, collection point over 3.000 blackberries turtles. It has also been monitoring and inspection conducted for the recovery and conservation of marine species such as the loggerhead turtle, for what sin has done 1.796 inspections.

In this same section also highlight the participation in the conservation program called LIFE with the species Bonelli's Eagle Bonelli (Bonelli's Eagle), with tracking and extraction of chickens to enhance other areas of the Spanish territory such as Navarra, The Basque Country, Baleares and Madrid.

During the meeting this morning also addressed the issue of inspections related to the eradication of the use of poisoned baits and illegal hunting gear, inspections and identification of power lines, involving risk to birdlife, also highlighting the cooperation of citizens in conducting bird surveys. All these actions have brought about 89 performances.

Antonio Martinez stressed the 227 inspections of agricultural waste producers in order to maintain the cleanliness of the physical environment. As for the performances on hunting and fishing, were carried 129 monitoring inspections Hunting Technical Plans, with 50 performances hunting populations censuses. It has been realized 8 Emergency performances feral pigs, namely, Vietnamese pigs that some individuals have used as a pet and to being abandoned and mixed with boars, They reproduce rapidly and become a population that causes damage to farms, as well as 10 forfeiture proceedings by spearfishing. The seized pieces are intended to welfare centers in the City of Almería and religious.

On the other hand, stands out the participation of the Plan INFOCA device of the entire body of Environmental Agents, mainly in monitoring, prevention and coordination of the quenching device. In fighting forest fires have been made 7.068 performances, with the participation of agents in extinguishing 105 forest fires. In this same section, It has also reported on monitoring 4.447 authorizations forest fires in areas of influence.

Inspection plan 2016

Antonio Martinez recalled that the Inspection Plan for 2016 "Aims to monitor and control the various activities that should be subject to some form of authorization or environmental report and the actual execution of this plan is specially made by the agents of Environment of the Junta de Andalucía". In that sense it has been reported that the Inspection Plan and Environmental Control 2016 It includes six specific programs to be developed in the areas of prevention and environmental quality, management of the natural environment, natural areas and public use, waters, grants and subsidies, and means livestock, green corridors and doors.