Pipes installed by the Board in the Almanzora can take full advantage of the water diversions.

The Almanzora region of Levante-receive 5,5 water cubic are the Tajo-Segura to 1 October next, volume approved at the last meeting of the Operating Committee of the Tajo-Segura, has complied with the request raised by the representatives of the Government of Andalusia in said Commission, see who made the water needs to have the Almeria region this summer, in view of the low rainfall recorded in the vicinity of Lake Cuevas del Almanzora so far this year hydrologic 2013-2014. Of these shipments, 2,25 cubic are to be human supply, and 3,2 to irrigate crops.

With the volumes of transfers, more other contributions system Dam Cuevas, the Almanzora region of Levante-have this summer 20,2 cubic are for irrigation, and 2,45 to supply, and can save water needs. The territorial delegate of Agriculture, Fisheries and Environment, José Manuel Ortiz, stressed the importance of pipelines that restored the Andalusian-that were destroyed in the flood of September 2012-, "And thanks to these emergency works, the region can now receive water diversions Negratín and Tajo-Segura without wasting a single drop, since the losses by evaporation and filtration were recorded before, have decreased significantly, with what is being achieved greater efficiency in water use and cost savings ".

These works, carried out in a record time of ten months, have involved an investment of 18 million, and, according to the delegate, "If we do not receive these water yields could not secure in the coming months or human supply, or supplies to thousands of hectares of irrigated agricultural area of ​​this important ".

However, José Manuel Ortiz warns, "If in the remainder of the year not enough rain rainfall recorded, from 2015 have problems to meet the demand for water, both supply and irrigated ". And is that, Between October 2013 and May 2014, in the reservoir area have been collected Cuevas 36,1 liters of rainwater per square meter, versus 181,7 of the time series for the same period last year, namely, 145,6 less. For this reason, appeals to delegate the responsibility of users, to show the utmost savings measures

Bajo Almanzora desalination, unused

Anyway, and beyond the call and transfers the responsibility of users to save water, the delegate of the Board insists that the Government of Spain perform commissioning of the Bajo Almanzora desalination, since almost two years since has not been used by the torrential rains of September 2012, yet the provisions of the state society Acuamed known to undertake repair. This plant has a capacity to desalinate 20 cubic hectometers per year to the region, volume would reduce the water deficit in the region, and recovery of aquifers

The Board requests the Government guarantees for the transfer

At the last meeting of the Central Commission for Exploitation, this body also addressed the new regulation of the Tajo-Segura and spoke on the subject of regulations implementing the Act 21/2013 -establishing a new legal regime with the aim of providing this transfer of greater legal certainty.

However, when developing the position of the Commission, the Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Environment has consulted to the governments of all the autonomous communities concerned, except to the Andalusian, in spite of the will that the Andalusian government has always shown for the time to participate in defense of supply and irrigation in the region of Levante-Almanzora.

For this reason, Andalusian representation at the meeting of the Commission, besides expressing discomfort at not being consulted, has defended the need and the opportunity to leverage the new Royal Decree to ensure water volumes destined to supply Almería, as, as the territorial delegate, "A region of about 150.000 people must be a priority, and for this reason the Government of Spain must be sensitive and ensure transfer to ensure a supply of safe manning ".