Vera beaches become smokefree

Vera City Council just join the Network of Integral Plan of Andalusia Tobacco launched by the Directorate General of Public Health and Pharmaceutical Management of the Ministry of Health and Families of the Junta de Andalucía, through awareness campaign and promotion of actions that serve to promote “smokefree”, to help prevent the initiation of smoking and serve people who want to quit to do. The initiative also aims to improve the maintenance and cleaning of coasts veratenses, since the remains of cigarette butts are common on the beaches.

And is that smoking on beaches while making a nuisance for nonsmokers who share space, also a very important environmental damage, and a cigarette butt can take between 5 and 10 years to biodegrade, pollutes the sea and toxic substances can seriously affect the marine world.

Integral Plan of Andalusia Tobacco (PITA), It has several lines of work (sensitization, prevention, treatment, training, investigation…) and to strengthen their objectives within the health system, I believe in 2010 Andalusian Health Care Network and smokefree (RASSELH) since its inception adhered to the Global Network for Tobacco Free Health Services (Anshः).

With the recently signed letter of support that is valid for four years, City Council shows its commitment to developing a common active prevention strategy to raise public awareness of the benefits of keeping our beaches free smokeless snuff as a way to respect the environment and one's health.