The "First Conference Family and School" shown in Vera that another school is possible


Diagnosis of the evolution of school education, development and coordination

"I know that in the task of educating there are no magic recipes, but as the saying goes every day you learn something ". The Councillor for Education of the City of Vera, Maria Montoya, thus it is giving way to the two speakers who makes few dates participated in the 'First Conference of Education and Family' held in Vera and attended by a large number of parents, and directors of schools and teachers. Previously, the mayor Felix Lopez veratense, It meant in his speech the evolution experienced by the school environment. "Our goal is children", added the mayor, "Hence we have to acquire the commitment and the challenge of the new education in the XXI century. Adapt all, parents and teachers, to changing times, this rapidly evolving, because it is demanded by the school ". Felix Lopez ended his speech with a slogan: "Learn and learn".

Doctor of Philosophy and Education Sciences, Antonio Trujillo Luzon, University of Granada, He initiated the conversation deeper into the concepts of education and family, their evolution over time, and the difference between the two concepts that prevailed years ago in school education. He made special mention of the different types of family and responsibility of fathers and mothers in school education, if before it was almost exclusive role of mothers, Now parents are actively involved in the academic success of children.

Professor, Department of Curriculum and School Organisation of the Faculty of Education Sciences of Granada, Purification Maria Perez Garcia, He focused his speech on Learning Communities Learning, a project of social and cultural transformation of a school and its environment, aimed at improving school performance and coexistence, and educational success of all their students. Its distinctive feature is to be open to all members of the community in which it is contemplated center and integrates, within the school day, consensual and active participation of families, associations and voluntary, both center management processes and the development of student learning.

Una vez finalizadas las charlas-coloquio, se entabló un distendido diálogo entre los asistentes y ponentes en el que se puso de manifiesto el interés que despierta la adaptación a nuevas formas y métodos participativos de enseñanza con implicación de todos los ámbitos que rodean al escolar.