Travel agents know the package 'Travel Experiences’ offered in Seron

Tourist agents during one of the visits.

Tourist agents during one of the visits.

The Department of Tourism of the City of Seron has conducted a Fam Trip (focused on business travel agencies, to publicize a product or a particular destination), held in the town for two full days.

Accompanied by the Councilor for Tourism, Carmen Cuadrado, twenty four components of travel agencies , bloggers and other industry professionals in Jaén, Malaga, Murcia, Madrid, China and Japan, They have come and met the most emblematic and unique spaces of the municipality "aimed primarily at offering a small sample of each of the 'packs’ of tourism experiences that the City has designed for marketing; astroturismo, creative, natural, Industrial and food ", Councilwoman underscores.

"The Fam Trips or familiarization trips for travel agents make an excellent marketing strategy for tourism destinations. The intent of this initiative has focused on building confidence and security in the agent in delivering the product to the customer. For tourist destinations, a familiarization tour is the best showcase Product, because the travel agent who then sell the destination, You can live the experience in the first person and transmit that experience to their customers. In this event the players involved have expressed their pleasant surprise after enjoying the experience offered to our people ", Cuadrado explains.

On the first day, visitors were welcomed at the Mirador del Pan trail in this town, where the Councilor of Tourism presented the destination, giving each travel agent a special welcome pack with tourist information and specific merchandaising of each of tourism experiences. From this point, the group departed for El Marchal Attorney; exit point of interpretive tour of the hands of Javier Morterero, where they could see the stately Milenaria Encina (cataloged as larger sized tree in Andalusia) and Poblados Lost.

After this activity, visitors returned to the town for typical food tasting offered by participating restaurants; where they could savor pot of wheat, oil and gas, cuajadera jaw, fry the, Steak with mushrooms, among many other delicacies elaborated in the municipality. The day of the first afternoon was scheduled free time for agents to have the opportunity to know the historical core with a guided tour by Maribel García and different services and facilities, Abacería as the Horsemen, Safi Open Workshop, Tales Station and the House No. 7. At night the group participated in an activity of astro called 'Dinner with the Moon’ La Posada del Candil.

The second day began with breakfast at the Camping Las Menas and an interpretive visit to Poblado Minero Las Menas by Javier Morterero. Attendees return to the town for tasting products offered by participating food companies in Seron; Czech hams, hams 1880, Brown sausages, Sausages Los Remedios, Sausages Peña Cruz, Fennel sausage, Seron Bodega, Artisan cheese and honey panniers Seron.