The suspension of the transfer Negratín-Almanzora left without water over 19.000 hectares in Almeria Levante

The Negratín-Almanzora transfer has been suspended as a result of lower reserve levels in reservoirs that feed header. Few days ago, the marshes of El Portillo, San Clemente and La Bolera, located in the foothills of the Sierra de Cazorla, They are below the 30% of capacity. This has prompted the Guadalquivir River Basin Authority has decided the suspension of the transfer in accordance with the provisions of the hydrological basin plan. In consecuense, the Almanzora has stopped receiving water resources under its annual allocation 43 Hm3 from Negratín. This means that more than 19.000 hectares of intensive and extensive cultivation will be left without irrigation water.

Loss of 43 Hm3 irrigation water from the transfer Negratín-Almanzora joins the 20 Hm3 also not currently receive the Tajo-Segura and the 15 Hm3 that were never supplied to the desalination plant in Cuevas del Almanzora, unutilized after floods 2012. Thus, irrigators have Almanzora 78 Hm3 less to start the new crop year.

National Water Pact

From the Federation Almeria Irrigation it is considered that the situation in the region is extremely serious. "The outlook is bleak, since the structural drought in the area is compounded by the loss of water from other basins, something that will have immediate consequences ", FERAL president says, Jose Antonio Fernandez. De facto, It expected an immediate reduction in the number of workdays generated, as agricultural activity down significantly by decreasing the production area.

According to FERAL, the most serious aspect of this situation is that irrigators have no alternative water resources to ensure normal crop year. Thus, FERAL urgently calls for the Government of Spain to approve a National Water Pact that takes into account the reality of irrigation water in the province of Almeria and authorize the transfers necessary. "In Spain there is enough water for all, but it is poorly distributed and there are no infrastructure needed to transport it to where it is needed ", adds the president of FERAL.

Water railcar

From FERAL it is committed to the combination of water resources from different sources such as the safest strategy to ensure the continuity of agricultural activity. desalination, reuse, rainwater and water transfers must be combined intelligently and sustainability criteria to allow fruit and vegetable Almería maintain its leadership in European markets.

In this sense, FERAL reminds all competent authorities the importance of completing the implementation of the so-called 'Autovía del Agua’ between the reservoirs and Cuevas Rules. This major project would allow irrigators communities share including all available water resources and succor if necessary. "The Almanzora, after what happened in the Bajo Andarax, It is the second example in a few months the disastrous consequences of political inaction may have for the main economic sector in Almería, since the lack of infrastructure left thousands of producers dumped without water to survive ", FERAL president says.

On the connection Negratín-Almanzora

The connection Negratín-Almanzora He became operational in February 2004. The operation of the transfer has been done since then by an agreement between Acuamed and Waters Almanzora, SADDLE. The connection is initiated in the reservoir Negratín, where the water rises to a height of 400 meters to be conducted along a pipe 120 kilometers to the hamlet of El Saltador in Huércal-Overa, where the distribution center.