Abusive mushrooming results 25 complaints and forfeiture 300 kilos at the start of the season

Abusive Collection of mushrooms and chanterelles in the mountains of Almería after entry into force of regulation by the Government of Andalusia to preserve sustainable harvesting has led during the early days of the season total 25 complaints by environmental agents, Attached Police Unit of the Board and the Civil Guard.

Specifically, as they have indicated to Europa Press sources of the Andalusian Government, in the first ten days of the device intended to control the mushrooming, They have confiscated some 300 fungal kilos, or they have been brought to welfare centers, or they have been delivered to a local pastor for use by livestock.

The resolution initialed last 18 September by the territorial delegate of Agriculture, Cattle raising, Fisheries and Rural Development of the Board in Almería, Aranzazu Martin, which prohibits the collection of more than five kilos per person a day.

The sanctions, which they depend on the market price of the species, They range from 20 euros the kilo up to 600 euros. Among the most outstanding performances, Civil Guard intervened over 50 kilos of fungi 'rebollones’ and she raised six infringement proceedings in the municipality of Sierro.

Although the weather this year “They are not far from the most favorable” unlike what happened in previous years, the first weeks of the fall and allowed the presence of mushrooms in the mountains almerienses, especially in the Sierra Filabres that hosted the most rainfall of 'cold drop'.

During last season were a total of 179 the number of denucias who stood by illegal mushrooming. Only in the first month began 35 disciplinary proceedings for illegal collection of more than 4.000 kilos of mushrooms and níscalos, mainly in the Sierras de Los Filabres and Sierra Nevada, organized by groups.


The Andalusian government has authorized until the end of May 2020 collecting small amounts of mushrooms in the forest land without the consent of the Board, although under certain conditions.

So, mushrooms should be harvested for self-consumption, so they may not exceed five kilograms per person per day. This collection will not entail alteration of the surface layer of the soil, so that the use of tools is expressly prohibited as rakes, escardillas, hoes and other tools that remove the mulch “causing damage to the mycelium of fungi, which can prevent the emergence of new issues in the future”.

Immature harvesting mushrooms time to be observed are not allowed inedible, which are not known or are to be collected to be spoiled or past, inasmuch as “all they play a useful ecological function”, as it indicated by the regional government in the resolution published Thursday in BOJA.

collecting mushrooms it is also prohibited in hours without light, so that, therefore it is not allowed the use of flashlights or other artificial light sources. For the collections, baskets or other transport elements that allow aeration and dispersion of spores are used.

The collection is free in public forests almerienses belonging to the autonomous community of Andalusia and will not require authorization unless expressly warn or otherwise will be held soon whipped or montería. It shall also apply municipal regulations in public forests belonging to municipalities while in the private lands collection require the authorization of their owners.

In the mountains with public preserves the advantages allowed mycological, they will not apply this resolution, governed by specific regulations. The exploitation within protected areas will also apply them to the provisions of specific regulations.

As a means of prevention, nor is it permitted the circulation of road vehicles, disturbing noises or fauna with approximations, nor leave residues on Mt.. Failure to comply with this conditioned constitute an administrative offense which will result in the opening of the dossier sanctioning and forfeiture of mushrooms collected.