The reopening of the railway del Almanzora comes to Congress

Machine train station restored in Tíjola.

They are leading to the Spanish Cortes claim for the government to start
immediate reopening of the railway line Lorca Guadix Baza Almanzora

Friends of the Railway Association Region of Baza and Guadix region Platform for the Train have traveled to Madrid to register in Mesa, in the Parliamentary Groups, the Board of Spokesmen and the Development Commission of the Congress of Deputies (Also in the organs homonyms Senate) a claim to urge the Government of Spain to the immediate tender, award and execution of the study reported reopening of the railway line Guadix- Baza-Lorca-Almanzora.

They consider that the government of Pedro Sanchez is marginalizing and ninguneando some regions of southeast peninsular carrying more than 34 years without train, despite having the viability and profitability reports certifying that reopening, and despite exist even in the General State Budget 2018 a specific economic base for the aforementioned study report.


Friends of the Railroad District of Baza and Guadix region by train, Soria with YA, There Teruel and other groups in the “Spain Emptied” They have been in the Congress of Deputies preparing the protest stoppage 4 October, and a meeting with the Parliamentary Group of United We Can, who have sent him demands to combat depopulation, to achieve public services and
economic items in remote areas of the great centers of decision, to prioritize social public train, and for infrastructure and the reopening of the railway Guadix-Almanzora-Lorca.