Augmented reality 3D recreates inside one of the tombs of the archaeological site of Villaricos


The Minister of Culture, Miguel Angel Vazquez, today introduced an application that allows the virtual recreation of the interior of hipogeo (or tomb) number 5 the archaeological site of Villaricos, Cuevas del Almanzora (Almería), through a project augmented reality. Vazquez, who today visited the site almeriense, He explained that it has undertaken cleaning enclave two purposes. On the one hand, prepare them for public visits and, for another, as support its museological with virtual reality technology, a recreation in three dimensions "that will bring added value to the visit".

Through a mobile, the 'app' will show visitors how it could be a type hipogeo, geometry, construction characteristics, the regalia that included ... always from the present scientific knowledge of the site.

The Minister of Culture has been shown with a 'tablet' the possibilities of this tool, which has been developed by the company esTRESd with the documentation obtained and advice from professionals and field technicians and the Territorial Delegation of Culture of Almería.

according to Vázquez, "We are facing a very effective tool for heritage interpretation and represents another step in the commitment to conservation". "It is also a way to incorporate new technologies to maintain the rigor Culture and heritage protection. With initiatives like this, We also support the research work, as it will serve to enhance the research process, preservation and dissemination ", noted.