The final round of the Championship of Spain TT Rally will be held on 27, 28 and 29 November Seron


Alfredo Valdivia during the presentation highlights the positive impact these events have on the territory.

The sixth and final round of the Championship of Spain of Rallying (TT), called "12 Hours All Terrain", It will be held in the town of Seron Almeria during the day 27, 28 and 29 November.

The race will run on a circuit TT 50 kilometers. by boulevards and roads of the town, the drivers will travel during 12 sleeves hours Saturday and Sunday, Friday being the special preliminary stage. This form of resistance TT is a novelty in the national championship, Almeria organized by the Andean Racing team.

Enrollment has been completed 35 participants, the maximum supported by the organization, of which eight have the possibility of taking first place in the championship, so "it will be a hotly contested race", as it noted by the territorial delegate of Culture, Tourism and Sports, Alfredo Valdivia, during the presentation of the final stage of the rally.

Valdivia, who he was accompanied at the meeting with the media, by the mayor of Seron, Juan Antonio Lorenzo and President of Andean Racing, Antonio Segura, He highlighted the "positive effects of such events in the towns that host, with a significant impact on hotel occupancy, of cottages, restaurants and other establishments, so the Andalusian Government will continue to pursue them ".