Tourism in Seron, known through 'Tierra Adentro'

The Minister of Tourism Board's booth Seron.

The Minister of Tourism Board's booth Seron.
The Minister of Tourism Board's booth Seron.

The municipality of Serón has come a year to the Inland Tourism Fair 'Inland', where he shared the deal on accommodation, restoration, food products or leisure spaces (as Hierro Greenway), to make them known to future visitors.

The consistory told this edition again with a strategic location, where they could learn about the offer, very comfortably, all visitors to the fair; as well as institutional representatives this year toured the exhibition opening day, as the Minister of Tourism of the Junta de Andalucía, Francisco Javier Fernandez and the president of the council of Jaén, Francisco Reyes Martinez. Reyes Martinez valued very positively the continued presence of Seron at the fair, as a sign of commitment of the municipality of "make known its excellent tourist offer".

The exhibitor was permanently staffed by attendants and professionals, and by the Councillor for Tourism of the City, Carmen Cuadrado; always very satisfied with the result of promotion and visits to the stand of Seron. Square is personally responsible for serving the public and to explain and expose the offer presented Seron, as well as the most important singularities and unfolding events in the municipality.

The presence of Seron in jienense fair is the result of the Strategic Plan of Tourism of the consistory in this legislature and the consensus of the General Council of Participation, composed of more than forty people from different social groups of people who have planned actions to promote town.

A year this fair domestic tourism, Jaen has gathered a selection of the best tourist offers to an audience, increasingly, looking charming destinations, nature trails, Walks through history, rest for the body, etc.

So, the VIII International Meeting of Interior Tourism Marketing, Rural and Nature meets this year 27 international buyers, from 13 markets such as Japan or Mexico and European countries, a figure which represents an increase to 47% the weight of foreign operators, versus 24% of 2015. also involved 31 domestic buyers and 80 community vendors.