Music stars in the cultural program of the Summer Courses UAL

Electronics nightmare act in Purchena.

Electronics nightmare act in Purchena.

XVIII Summer Courses of the University of Almeria organized in parallel with the 30 courses offered this year a cultural program that starts, The next Tuesday 4 July, Concert with teachers and students of Course and ends 21 July concert Nightmare Electronics group of Purchena.

The first activity, Concert Teachers and Students Jazz Workshop UAL-Clasijazz, It will be held in the Auditorium of the School of Music at Roquetas 21:00 hours; standard issues will be heard arranged by teachers. A treat for the senses to listen to Ramón Cardo on sax, Voro Garcia trumpet, Victor Colomer trombone, Pablo Mazuecos al piano, besides students come from different parts of Spain.

The Jam Session closing will take place Course 5 July, to 22:30 hours Clasijazz. In order for students to live a jazz session in a club, They will have the opportunity to play on the same stage where they have played major international artists in Clasijazz. Above 30 improvising musicians and showing what they have learned during the course, as well as being open to other musicians Jam Session.

The 7 July is expected Clarinet Ensemble organized by the University of Almería.

The visit to the Museo Casa Ibañez is scheduled for the day 12 July at 21:00 hours. It is an activity organized jointly by the University of Almeria and the Association of Olula View.

The 13 July will be a concert by the Symphonic Band San Indalecio Auditorio Maestro Padilla in the 21:30 hours; the same day and at the same time, Pub La Jaima of Olula del Rio will offer live music.

Apollo Theater will host Almería, the 14 July at 12:00 hours, el Ensemble de Almeraya Symphony Orchestra; and to the 21:00 hours, Maestro Padilla in, Almeraya Symphony Orchestra will give a concert.

Pablo Iborra and Claudia Lobato flutes and José Moreno and F. Javier Lozano clarinets offer a concert of chamber music, the 18 July at 19:30 hours at the Cultural Hall Unicaja.

The cultural program will end on 21 July at 21:30 Purchena hours with the performance of Electronics group Nightmare. An activity organized by the University of Almeria and the city of Purchena.

All activities are free.