Water Bureau sees Almería “very worrying” the situation in the Almanzora with closing transfers

Water Bureau Almería today held a meeting to discuss how the hydrological year has elapsed 2018/19, which ends next day 30 September, and what is expected next 2019/20.

In the last twelve months in the province it has experienced "a situation more or less normal", as detailed spokesman for the Bureau of Water, Jose Antonio Fernandez, with sufficient water within the water deficit suffered Almeria geography. The peculiarities of the different areas of the province also means that there are unequal situations and solutions to the lack of water.

Fernández has detailed have recovered in the region of the West 36 hm3, namely, that they have stopped extracting groundwater through the water supply and desalination plant from Beninar. In the Río Adra it has also experienced a "normal" year but is still awaiting this fall is rainy and thus improve the quality of existing water. While, the situation in Bajo Andarax is "complicated" with about 400 hectares without providing for administrative issues and pending the reorganization of the irrigation zones occur

Decanting in the Almanzora "they worked during the hydrological year" but the situation with cuts from October arrival of water from the Negratín and the Tajo-Segura makes prospects "are not good because it will stop to receive 65 hm3 ". The situation is "alarming", although in principle it will have "reserves the irrigators themselves have become more the cumulative (a little more of 10 hm3) Caves in the swamp after rains ". They have requested emergency polls to serve municipalities now provide water for irrigators.

The Water Board has again criticized that "in the meantime, Villaricos desalination plant remains unutilized "and wondered" in the hands of who we are managed in 7 years have not been able to fix this situation "

Circumstances make each district has a different difficulties and challenges other. As a small summary this is the situation presented at the meeting of the Bureau of Water Almería:

The transfer of Negratin will cut the 30 September (we are in 196 hm3 and the minimum level is to transfer 210 and that the basin has the 30%, which makes it virtually impossible improvement this week). The cut in the Edge-Safe transfer can occur from October. So for the hydrological year 2019/20 There is a lot of concern and uncertainty throughout the area. About Bajo Almanzora desalination plant should be remembered that on Saturday met seven years after her "shipwreck" and the prospects are not good. Also remember that participates in the desalination plant in Torrevieja (Alicante) also it has problems because water occurs 'level 0' and it must be carried to the transfer channel. That infrastructure is not made. Now comes the Almanzora water as exchange Cartagena is done because there is no infrastructure to supply the desalination plant in Torrevieja with the channels through which water flows to irrigators in Almería.

The situation in the region is "uneasy" because the next drought is practically at the door and the only solution is to "look to the sky for rain", He explained Fernando Rubio, Chairman of the Central Board of Users of Almanzora.