The arrival of extraordinary contributions from other basins save crops in the Almanzora

Image of the meeting with the Secretary of State.

Image of the meeting with the Secretary of State.
Image of the meeting with the Secretary of State.

The emergency drought plaguing fruit and vegetable crops in the Levant and in the Almanzora will be remedied with the arrival of extraordinary contributions from other water basins. At the request of the Federation of Irrigators of Almería, the Ministry of Agriculture has authorized an advance of 5 Hm3 arrive by Negratín-Almanzora to affected areas.

Also, the Government has given the green light to Aguas del Almanzora, SA closed a contract of assignment of rights to irrigators Genil-Cabra (Cordova). By this agreement, in the coming months could reach between Almeria Levante 5 and 8 Hm3 of water for irrigation.

Both commitments materialized on Tuesday afternoon during the meeting in Madrid between the Secretary of State for the Environment, Pablo Saavedra and the Director General of Water, Liana Ardiles, with representatives of Aguas del Almanzora, SA and the Central Board of Water Users Almanzora Valley, in the presence of the president of the National Federation of irrigators communities (FENACORE), Andrés del Campo. At the meeting, The Government also pledged to open avenues of ongoing dialogue with the Government of Andalusia to facilitate joint search for solutions to the water shortage in the province of Almería.

Extraordinary contributions, which together can reach 13 cubic are, will save crops in the Almanzora and prevent loss of crops in most affected farms for a few months. Now, the Almanzora region suffers from a water deficit 25 Hm3, so that only half of the demand for water for irrigation is needed is guaranteed for the entire water year.

outstanding infrastructure

from FERAL, the Government's positive assessment to partially address a situation of severe drought, although still pending definitive solutions to eliminate uncertainty with which each year farmers begin the campaign Levante, as a result of the lack of guarantees on the availability of water.

In this sense, Almanzora irrigators claimed the Secretary of State for Environment urgent commissioning of the desalination plant in Cuevas del Almanzora and completion of the project "Water Motorway", among other infrastructures that are essential to ensure the future of the agri-food sector almeriense. Equally, is not comply with the request to adjust the price of desalinated water to the real and present conditions of profitability of producers.