The Board will review transfer system investment to mobilize in favor of specialization


The Minister of Economy and Knowledge of the Andalusian, Antonio Ramirez de Arellano, He was here Friday Macael (Almería) the Advanced Technology Center Stone (CTAP), in which he has chosen “mobilize public and private investments in favor of specialization and innovation is the main force for change”. Ramirez de Arellano, which reiterated the “commitment” the regional government with the technology centers as “linchpin” para desarrollar el modelo productivo, noted the “connecting paper and technology transfer services between universities and the business sector, recognized and included as such in the new Innovation Plan Andaluz (Paidi 2020), which it is under allegations until the end of month”.

To play that role “more efficient and sustainable way”, explained that the regional government “promote a review of the system designed to mobilize public and private investment needed around specialization, seeking innovation and value added”.

The Andalusian Minister of Economy believes that the CTAP is “example of the transfer of knowledge and expertise that, which has facilitated the marble sector in Almeria resist the onslaught of the crisis and remains a national leader”.

After going to CTAP, Ramirez de Arellano also visit the production facilities of the company Cosentino marble in the region and holds a meeting with the Association of Marble of Andalucia (AEMA), whose board shall forward the needs of the marble industry focused mainly on strengthening education at all levels, through the joint efforts and unity of all stakeholders.

Source: E.Press