The Board reactive works to improve the A-334 and between Purchena Caniles.

Housing Development and resume performances this year both, which will conclude in 2015, according to their priority status for its high social utility.

The Ministry of Public Works and Housing of the Junta de Andalucía relaunch this year conditioning the A-334 (Base – Huercal-Overa), in the section between Purchena (Almería) y Caniles (Granada), and the burial of the northern access to the port of Garrucha, actions that will have 8,5 million and completed in 2015.

The resumption of these two works in the province of Almería is produced by the adoption today by the Council of Government transfer 13,5 million fund performances Feder regional roads network and the construction of new bus stations. The whole package, which includes two performances in Almeria, required for completion 52,4 million, so the rest of the funding (39 million) be entered in the exercise 2015.

Works, prioritized by the Ministry directed Elena Cortés, are selected taking into account the high level of execution, ranging between 41 and 99%, incidence to improve road safety and high degree of social impact. It is expected to break ground this year so they can be completed before the end 2015, considering that some have deadlines ranging from three to fifteen months.

A-334, Purchena-Caniles
Also in the province of Almería the Ministry of Public Works and Housing reactivate an economic boost 2,5 million design of the A-334, between Purchena (Almería) y Caniles (Granada). This work, which lies 68% its execution and will last three months, is the reinforcement firm on the A-334 in a total of 38 kilometers situated between the two locations. This section had a total budget of 6 million.

The road has a daily average of almost 7.000 vehicles, which 500 are heavy traffic due to the strong industrial activity the Almanzora, delegate explained Caparros Incarnation. This amount of heavy traffic associated with the marble industry has led to the deterioration of the road surface, departure point for two-way high-capacity: the A-92 Granada to Puerto Lumbreras and the A-7 Mediterranean. Also, the Ministry will undertake other improvements on the road, as the replacement of road markings, replacement of damaged vertical signals, improvements in the drainage of the road and other.