Reactive Board of Vocational Training for Employment 4,9 million euros to impart 116 courses in Almería

Delegate, Miguel Ángel Tortosa.

Delegate, Miguel Ángel Tortosa.

The Ministry of Employment, Business and Commerce has revived Vocational Training for Employment (FPU) with the approval of 4.901.215 euros in aid to impart 116 courses for unemployed and employed workers by 32 training entities in the province. This was announced today the territorial delegate of Economy, Innovation, Science and Employment, Miguel Angel Lopez Tortosa, who has also transferred the discomfort of the Board over the latest cut applied by the central government to the funds that Andalusia receives to carry out Active Employment Policies (PAEs) “And that supposes a new punishment for 86.500 unemployed people in our province ".

Of the 116 courses, that will be taught throughout 2017, the 19% are part of administrative services, followed by languages (13%), social health care, ICT and trade (8% each), the construction, hospitality and hairdressing and aesthetics.

Tortosa López has recalled that since 2012 the Board had not convened courses "due to the judicialization to which the PP has subjected the Andalusian Government with this active employment policy" and has stressed that "once all the files of aid granted in Andalusia have been reviewed and any shadow of doubt has been cleared on Vocational Training for Employment, The Board has reactivated this important tool to improve the employability of unemployed people and active workers and also business competitiveness, through the incorporation of qualified personnel ".

Also, highlighted that in the new call for courses, the conditions required to be able to teach courses and receive grants have been reinforced, as well as the process of justification of the same with greater controls, and has reported that after reviewing the files of grants awarded in Almería for FPE, they have started 141 reimbursement files to recover 1,7 million.

Miguel Ángel Tortosa has criticized “the farce that the Popular Party created around Vocational Training for Employment and that has harmed unemployed people and entities that teach courses, paralyzing training ", as well as “irreparable moral damage caused by accusations that have been proven without foundation to people such as the former delegate of Employment Francisca Pérez Laborda and officials of the Delegation, who are still waiting for the apologies of the PP ", that they have not reached the entities that taught courses and about which doubts were also sown.

In this sense, the delegate pointed out that "the lies of the Popular Party have been dismantled with the Parliamentary Investigation Commission on the FPE and with each dismissal of cases in the courts", explaining that the Territorial Delegation has to date communication of 9 dismissed cases of 23 on which proceedings had been opened.

Tortosa López has recalled that in other 11 Autonomous Communities irregularities were detected in the FPE “but only in Andalusia has the administration been subjected to such harassment, their senior positions and officials by the PP, that when seeing the farce around Training dismantled, it persists in its punishment of Andalusians and Andalusians, cutting back the funds to develop Active Employment Policies ".

Central Government Cuts in Active Employment Policies.

So, The delegate reported that at the Employment Sector Conference held last week in Madrid “the Andalusian Minister Fátima Báñez once again acted as executioner for Andalusia, executing another budget cut, as the PP Government has been doing since it came to power in 2011 ", accumulating a decrease in 53% almost 2.200 million euros "that should have come to Andalusia to combat unemployment just when they were most needed".

As detailed by Miguel Ángel Tortosa, Andalusia will receive 358,2 million and it is the only autonomous community that will lose funds, a 3,95% less than the previous year, ceasing to perceive 13,3 million, while the other autonomous communities will have a 5,14% more budget for Active Employment Policies.

Tortosa López has criticized "the lack of transparency on the part of the ministry of Fátima Báñez when it comes to explaining the criteria for this disastrous distribution", among which are the allocation of funds based on the evaluation of the programs of 2016, as well as the “twisted and unfair excuse of the PP Government that Andalusia receives less money for not having carried out PEF courses last year, since he knows perfectly that one cannot speak of non-fulfillment of objectives because there are no courses ".

For the territorial delegate, "It is not acceptable that Andalusia, with the 26% of the unemployed in Spain, receive only the 18% of funds, that the investment of the PP Government for each unemployed person in Andalusia has fallen from 749 a 405 euros from 2011 and that our land continue to be denied a Special Employment Plan that has been demanding for five long years, but that it has been granted to the Canary Islands in 2017 and now Extremadura has been denied because it is no longer governed by the Popular Party ".

Miguel Ángel Tortosa has once again demanded a Special Employment Plan and that Andalusia have the Training for Employment funds that he has not been able to execute due to the judicialization of the courses, and has demanded that "the budget that is allocated to our land correspond to the weight of its unemployment rate, and, ultimately, that the Government of Mariano Rajoy stop punishing Andalusians and people of Almeria for the mere fact that they have not voted for them ".