The Board promotes international nautical tourism in Andalusian marinas

Rodríguez Cortés and sign an agreement to attract boaters and spread the Andalusian offer in United Kingdom, France, Germany and the Netherlands.

The Minister of Development and Housing, Elena Cortés, and the Minister of Tourism and Trade, Rafael Rodriguez, have signed a cooperation agreement to strengthen the integration of the marinas in the supply of nautical tourism in Andalusia and enhance its international specialized fairs in major UK, France and Germany. Up 55 regional and state ports and facilities benefit from this agreement, 13 in Huelva, 15 Cadiz, 11 Malaga, 2 in Granada, 11 in Almeria 3 Seville.

The regional government has given priority british issuers, French and German by the great enthusiasm for the sea that exists in these countries and its proximity to Andalusia, facilitating the realization of routes or recreational sports boats. The community offers these markets to the lure of its climatic advantages,conditions of coastal navigation and communications, that make the marinas suitable for both wintering and transits to stay basis.

The agreement signed by the two ministries provides for the presence of the Andalusian offer in Paris Boat Show, el London Boat Show y el Boot Düsseldorf, which will involve an investment of approximately 60.000 euros, that fund equal parts both departments. The agreement includes conducting market studies in the Netherlands, for possible future participation in the Salon des Vacances in Brussels and Utrecht Vakantiebeurs.

The agreement, covering the whole year 2014 and is extended to 2015 and 2016, has a record of participation pilot experience with own stand of the two ministries, under the name Andalucía, in the latest edition of the Paris Boat Show, concluded between the last days 7 and 15 December.

The councils also jointly develop a plan to collect nautical tourism not only this aspect of promoting, but also the coordinated implementation of measures regarding publications, social networking and online marketing, among other. These measures will be incorporated in both the Tourism Action Plan and the Director Plan of Andalucía Ports.

Cortés noted that meets Andalucía “port a wide offer high quality facilities, services and sustainable management”, therefore considered that this measure represents “a key advantage of the moorings we already have to attract foreign tourists and increase their occupancy step”.

For his part, Rodriguez stressed that the marine segment “is critically important in the tourism industry, its generator of revenue and jobs direct and indirect effect”, besides being a product that leverages the main competitive advantages of the destination and can contribute to the seasonal.

21.400 berths

Andalusia has almost doubled its range of competitive berths in just over a decade, reaching 21.400 currently account, ranking it third in national ranking, within walking distance of other great nautical tradition communities like Catalonia and the Balearic Islands.

The community offers a wide range of quality and services offered to users, sustainable management by the Board takes in ports, on the weather for sailing, by extensive coastline, over 800 kilometers, and framed these facilities in towns steeped in history, natural y cultural.

During the past year 2012 reached around Andalusia 300.000 tourists marinas, with an average stay of 12,5 days and a daily plus 64,5 EUR per passenger, which means that the disbursement target these visitors amounted to about 242 million.