The Board presents its measures for the labor market in the region of Marble.

Municipalities receive Almanzora and Filabres 1,32 million euros to hire young people in social projects and community.

The territorial delegate Economy, Innovation, Science and Employment, Adriana Valverde, today introduced Macael, in the Andalusian Stone Technology Centre (CTAP), and to more than 170 among young people, entrepreneurs and technicians Job, Program Emple@Joven launched by the Junta de Andalucía to improve the employability and employment of young unemployed. El plan, provided with 200 million for 2014 and 2015, has five urgent measures ranging from job counseling to scholarships for working in R D i, passing placements, Bono's new Youth Employment and aids recruitment through social projects developed by local councils.

As he detailed Adriana Valverde, municipalities in the counties of Almanzora and Filabres Almería province's 1.130 young people aged 18 and 29 years unemployed (as entries in the Andalusian Employment Service to 31 March 2014) eligible measures Emple@Joven. Also, explained that the city councils of both districts receive 1,32 million euros in the Social and Community Cooperation Initiative, included in the Employee @ Young Program, to put social projects in which they may contract for six months up to young unemployed, whose wages and contributions shall be borne entirely by the Junta de Andalucía.

Adriana Valverde, which was accompanied at the presentation by the director of the Territorial Employment Area-North Levante Andalusian Employment Service, Rosa Ortega, stressed that Emple@Joven "The Andalusian is acting, within its competence, to the high rates of youth unemployment and ahead of the implementation of the Youth Guarantee System of the European Union, Andalucía making pioneer and reference in establishing policies to encourage the youth employment despite cuts 1.200 million in the Active Employment Policies imposed by the central government, Andalusia also refuses to use a special plan, and although they have not yet reached our lands new European funding for youth employment ". Also, has indicated thatEmple@Joven extending the age of beneficiaries from 18 until 29 years "to not leave out thousands of young people", while the Executive of Spain has set the maximum age of the Youth Guarantee System in 25 years old.

The territorial delegate explained that half of young people are unemployed Andalusians, EPA and also face a high temporary contracts, to overqualification (of 60% in the case of university and 19% graduates in vocational training) and to stay in a high unemployment. He also stressed that the 20% no work experience, which hinders their access to employment. In this sense, has stated that the measures contained in Emple@Joven "They are going to give our youth the experience and opportunity that allows them to enter the labor market".

Young Active Jobs

Active Youth Employment initiative is the gateway to the rest of the program measuresEmple@Joven and consists plans tutoring and personalized monitoring to facilitate the employment of young people. Applicants must register with the office of the Andalusian Employment Service (SAE). Within one month, they produced a professional profile with possible job opportunities and in a second stage are offered to participate in any of the four initiatives or other program that develops the Board. The SAE young applicant agrees with a mutual commitment to activity, that guarantees their right to access grants, internships and contracts provided.

The second initiative, called Social and Community Cooperation to Promote Youth Employment, aims to promote the employment of young people in work and social services field or municipal interest (as home help, cleanliness and safety, environmental protection, waste and water management and tourism promotion, sport, culture and commerce, inter alia), than those who regularly performs local authority staff. With a total budget of 173,9 million, which 13,7 million will go to Almería, the Board shall bear the 100% salary and social security costs in contracts made municipalities, six months and both full time and part of 50%.

In the process of selection preference will be long-term unemployed (registered as applicants at least twelve consecutive months) registered in the municipality where the project be done; after, other unemployed or locality, failing, other long-term unemployed in the province. Municipalities must submit their projects in the electronic register of the Board until the 7 July; the jobs submitted to the SAE, they will provide three candidates for each position offered. The formalization of contracts may be made to the 31 October 2014.

The third block measures regulated in Decree Law is the Professional Practices in Business Initiative, to facilitate the employment of university graduates and VET or higher level through 1.000 professional experiences nonlabor. Each practice, for a period of six months and five hours a day days, will be financed with 2.700 euros by the Board, Banco Santander and the employing entity. The International University of Andalucía (UNION) manage and process applications and payment of grants. The employing entity shall assign a tutor to the beneficiary, and issue a report as a basis to certificate.

The promotion of professional practices is also the goal line fellowships for young university graduates or graduate in the field of research and innovation. Summon 500 grants of up to 9 months and 7.200 euros for practice. AEs are the Andalusian public universities, which should ensure the employment of at least 20% fellows and develop a catalog of entities to host practices. In selecting, the 40% It shall be the average grade point and a 20% each other curricular merits are valued, cycles conducting undergraduate or graduate level and language. Practices are held in companies and entities in Andalusia workplace and to develop a project I D i.

Finally, the Employee @ Young program is completed by the reformulation of Bono Youth Employment, with new title as the admission of Secondary Education, Regardless of the route of obtaining, plus graduates and FP; expanding forms of contracts and the possibility of partial or part-time, and the opportunity to usher in a new beneficiary if the contract does not complete the minimum period 12 months. Consists aid 4.800 euros to complete the journey 2.400 for part-time, distributed 12 monthly, that is paid when the contract is signed with the beneficiary of the bond. It is expected that reach 4.200 bonds, whose contracts should be formalized to 31 December 2015.

Iniciativa @ mprende

The Law Decree regulating the Program Emple@Joven also regulates the operation of the Initiative @ mprende , a support service aimed at facilitating the creation of new businesses quickly and free by the Board will pay the administrative expenses, business registration and notary involved in company formation, that as he detailed the territorial delegate Economy, Innovation, Science and Employment will be approximately 200 euros.

Those interested can request this service in the Points of Care Entrepreneur, located in the 26 Centers for Entrepreneurial Development in the province and the provincial office of the federal IDEA, where he processed the establishment of free enterprise and support. Also, they may join as points Care Entrepreneur Chambers of Commerce and local authorities, through the signing of agreements with the Regional Government. The Board will sign several agreements with the Notary Association of Andalusia and deanery of Eastern and Western Andalusia the Association of Registrars.

Also, Adriana Valverde explained that the time of incorporation of the companies will be reduced to one month 5 days for cooperative, a 3 companies working days, a 48 for limited hours and 'New Business' societies and only one day to register as self-employed.