The Board will offer in Almería 241 Training cycles over 9.000 enrolled students

Francisca Fernández, Provincial Delegate of Education.

Francisca Fernández, Provincial Delegate of Education.

The Ministry of Education will offer next year 2018/19 total 120.895 Places available Vocational Training, 1.320 new school places more than in the previous year. Also, in 2018/19 the offer will be extended to 58 new titles. Thereby, the range of courses for next year will be 2.867 given training cycles, in its various forms, in schools supported with public funds.

In the province of Almería, the Board will offer the course 18/19 total 241 Training cycles, which, 110 will be Intermediate, 87 Higher Grade and 44 Basic. This course there are enrolled 9.000 Students who will join next 142 more students.

These numbers define the increasing weight of the FP in the Andalusian education system, as explained by the delegate of Education, for whom vocational training is "fundamental to ensure the academic success of our young tool and their chances of finding employment, as well as a bulwark to help change the production model from the education system itself, so it is one of the priority areas for the Ministry of Education ".

The Ministry of Education has approached the offer of Vocational Training for the Andalusian productive sector in order to adapt these lessons to the demands of the labor market. In this manner, They have been updated training courses to suit the training needs of each productive environment and, also, It has been renewed training offer training courses to replace low rate of employment by others with higher demand in marking work in each area.

As for the Dual FP in which learning takes place both in schools and in companies whose activity is related to the professional profile, For the course 2018/19 It is planned to be offered 395 dual projects, which is a 23% increase over the previous year, and which, 13 training cycles are newly established.

Offer vocational training in Almería

In the province of Almería, the Board will offer the course 18/19 total 241 Training cycles, which, 110 will be Intermediate, 87 Higher Grade and 44 Basic. This course there are enrolled 9.000 Students who will join next 142 more students. Also, It will feature six new cycles of Vocational Training for the course 2018-2019: in I.E.S. Alhadra, Cycle Higher Grade Barber Styling and Management Cycle and Intermediate Care for Dependent People in blended format. In the I.E.S. Al-Andalus feature Cycle Higher Level Web Application Development in blended format and the specific program for Basic Training Office Computing. In the I.E.S. La Puebla, will the cycle of Basic Training and Domestic Activities Building Cleaning and, last, the i.e.. Sol de Portocarrero, Cycle will have Higher Level Fitness.

"The real commitment FP involves a profound change of mentality, a new perspective that should permeate not only within the educational community but also the social partners and society, in general", He said the delegate of Education.

Dual Vocational Training

The delegate of Education highlights the possibilities offered by the Vocational Training as a gateway to the university and strategies to strengthen permanent links between this type of training and the company. In this sense, Fernandez stressed the need to promote the development of Vocational Training Dual (currently with 16 cycles in our province) as as stated in the draft Law on Vocational Training of Andalusia, recently approved by the Governing Council. Its main objectives are aimed at raising skill levels of the workforce, adapt the training offer to the new economic model that demands the community and enhance the employability of young workers.
Also, the future standard will create a public network of centers, a professional guidance and provide the basis for establishing a permanent system to develop access, advice, evaluation and certification of skills, so that the FP in Andalusia respond to the demand for skilled labor.

Single district

Next 10 June, the Ministry will open the deadline for access to Vocational Training vocational training in the modalities distance, semipresencial partial face, will remain available until 20 June, while from 15 June will be for access to Vocational Training Vocational Training in complete offer will remain available until 30 June.
The management of applications is performed through a single district that allows allocation of places centrally accordance with the priorities that the applicants themselves point out in print. The procedure can be done entirely over the Internet through a computer application on the website of the Ministry. (

In print, applicants identify cycles and centers which opt, sorted according to their preferences. Barema a computer process applications, automatically assigning seats.

Throughout the months of July and September awards are made to fill vacancies, after which applicants must formalize their registration or reservation pending in successive awards obtain a better option.