The Board will invest 3 million euros in judicial offices in the province of Almeria 2018

The Minister of Justice, Rosa Aguilar.

The Minister of Justice, Rosa Aguilar.

The Minister of Justice and Home Affairs, Rosa Aguilar, today announced that the Board will invest three million euros in the courthouses of Almería in the year 2018. In this game different works are included in the capital and in different municipalities, as well as other actions aimed at the implementation of the five new judicial bodies envisaged in this province.

Rosa Aguilar, He has visited the works that have been carried out in the Provincial Court of Almería with its president, Lourdes Molina, and by the chief prosecutor, Antonio Perez, It has detailed this investment of three million, the Andalusian government will allocate 2,48 million staff, and computer maintenance expenses and furniture of the five new courts. "We have planned and committed 2018, Almería an important with regard to the administration of justice Year ", He stressed the Minister, which highlighted that "will create 35 jobs in the new courts "in the province.

Aguilar, which it has also met with the Personnel Board, It has been said that this is "a significant amount so that together, through dialogue, we move forward in the administration of justice that will give a faster response ". Equally, He has shown that in this context the Government Board has "a firm and resolute commitment to Almería to put these new organs functioning".

The minister explained about his department has worked to have more courts Almería, since in the initial proposal for bodies of the Ministry "they were not Vera and Roquetas", so "a dialogue with the Ministry to provide answers to the needs of this province" began.

The Minister of Justice and Home Affairs stressed that the 31 March will be operational the Administrative number 4 Almeria, the First Instance and Instruction No. 6 Roquetas and First Instance and Instruction No. 4 de Vera. Later, the 30 April will launch the First Instance and Instruction No. 6 El Ejido, where also implements the launch of the new model of judicial office. Finally, the 30 June is the date on which comes into operation First Instance number 9 of Almeria.

During 2018, Besides 2,48 million for the new courts, the Board also allocated 519.181 euros to other works throughout the province, among which the actions foreseen in the Provincial Court and the City of Justice, in capital Almeria, or performances in Purchena, El Ejido and Huércal Overa, municipality in which there is a "very important project" for a total of 864.000 euros, of those who 2018 They will run 300.000 euros.

Equally, the minister stressed investment in Almería last 2017 of 327.764 euros for works. they, It highlights the reform in the First Section of the Audiencia Provincial worth 120.000 euros, that will mean "better working conditions" professionals. These works have included both remodeling and the reorganization of spaces that also serve for future needs of the audience.

In 2017 They have also conducted performances of remodeling in the City of Justice and works at the Institute of Legal Medina focused on the autopsy room, in addition to interventions reforms and accessibility in Purchena, El Ejido and Huércal Overa, inter.