The Board initiates the payment of salaries of employees of consortia school.

Workers at the School of Marble Fines enter their payrolls in brief.

The Minister of Education, Culture and Sports, Luciano Alonso, announced that from Thursday the payment of salaries of workers consortia Training School Jobs starts, once the majority of the records of previous calls are already audited or submitted for audit.

Alonso explained in a note that those consortia which have their records justified hundred percent may perceive the 25 percent slope of the previous calls and the 75 percent of the last call of the year 2013. This is the case of the School of Hotel de Cádiz, School Timber Encinas Reales de Córdoba, The Jewellery School Consortium of Cordoba and the School of Education Consortium Artisans Gelves Seville. Also, the Ministry has planned for next the same situation for the Center Training Consortium Crafts week, Restoration and Rehabilitation of Artistic Heritage, Historical and Cultural Albayzin of Granada, the School of Hospitality Consortium Islantilla Huelva and Hospitality School Consortium The Cónsula Malaga, and so gradually the rest of consortia governance capable of overseeing their previous records by the beginning of the year.

Alonso has said that with the implementation of new training model, initiated by the Ministry of Education, Culture and Sports in these 15 Government months and in view of the audit reports issued by the Accounting Chamber of Andalusia in which the grant is analyzed from these entities regulated subsidies in order 10 May 2005, the Department has analyzed the situation legally and financially this network of partnerships, two priorities, namely, “continue provision of educational excellence service coming imparting a high degree of employability of its students and ensure job security for workers”. Alonso stressed that the traditional model of functioning and funding of these consortia, Therefore the provision of training services as employment status of staff “it has become unsustainable, for several legal reasons, economic, financial and operational, that hinder the management training centers in various specialties”.

The financing of the consortia, was based primarily on a non-competitive grant directed to these entities, annually. He recalled that since the Department assumed responsibility for vocational training for employment have been implemented austerity measures and transparency in management, including non exceptuación for those entities that have outstanding records of justification) as well as, the implementation of the recommendations of the Audit Chamber of Andalusia.

A new management model.

Moreover, Luciano Alonso explained that, parallel, once regularized the situation of these consortia, the Board has launched a new model that “ensures the stability of their workers like good public service training have been paying and which are a reference and ensuring the formation from the public in the most efficient manner”. So, as explained, “No. of a Depender, as usual, an annual grant, namely, economies of scale will be exploited, all public resources to be made available and will promote partnerships with the private sector to ensure their subsequent employability”. The Minister recalled that last 21 October the Governing Council approved the two standards that form the basis of the new model. The first is an agreement authorizing the dissolution of the consortia and the second a decree law that transforms the Andalusian Public Entity Infrastructure and Educational Services in the Andalusian Public Agency for Education and Training (Apaef), so that the new body to take over the management of training. Thus the regional government “guarantee the payment of salaries and suppliers, as well as, once approved by the various governing councils reports and subsequent settlement agreement assigning assets and liabilities, joining the Agency for Education of those entities with each and every one of its balanced accounts and sound, ensuring continuity of supply of these training services quality and excellence, and the stability of its workers”.

Source: Europa Press