The Board will train people over Almeria on their rights as consumers of goods and services

the delegate, Jose Maria Martin.

the delegate, Jose Maria Martin.
the delegate, Jose Maria Martin.

Consumer service of the Territorial Delegation of Equality, Health and Social Policies in Almeria take place during the last quarter of the year a series of training workshops at the Centers for Active Participation of Elderly in Almería. The aim of this initiative is to inform users of these centers which are their rights as consumers of goods and services and prevent fraud and abuse.

The territorial delegate Equality, Health and Social Policies in Almería, Jose Maria Martin today announced the schedule of these workshops, with the head of the Consumer Service, Christopher Estevez. Jose Maria Martin said that "education in terms of consumption is one of the strategic lines of work of the Ministry of Health, ya que los consumidores sólo pueden hacer efectivos sus derechos desde el conocimiento de los mismos y de los instrumentos que tienen en su mano para ejercerlos”.

Para mejorar la formación en este apartado en el ámbito de las personas mayores, Service technicians Consumer are to displace 16 Active Participation centers of the province, where they held talks colloquium, open to the resolution of questions by the participants.

Martin explained that "from the Consumer Service is working for months to launch this training program, through coordination with active participation centers; and this summer made a first edition, in the center of Huércal-Overa, on the occasion of its anniversary and the initiative will be extended throughout this quarter to the rest of the province ".

The Board manages the province of Almería 16 active participation they found in: Almeria (4), Albox, Adra, Berja, Cuevas del Almanzora, El Ejido, Fiñana, Huercal-Overa, Nijar, Roquetas de Mar, Uleila del Campo, Velez-Rubio and Vícar. . These centers total will be held 22 talks, in the months of October, November and dicember.

Distance sales, returns and supply contracts

Among the subjects to be taught in workshops regulating sales or contracts will include distance, the right of consumers to withdraw from the contract and how it should be exercised this right. Also, They will be offered to seniors tips to avoid buying products or contracting services unwanted or unplanned and where how to claim before a purchase or unsatisfactory.

The other major theme area to be addressed in the workshops is related supplies and basic services. Los técnicos del Servicio de Consumo profundizarán en la contratación del suministro eléctrico, their types, the billing system or the correct interpretation of the electricity bill, and offer advice for a possible claim, for hiring the social bond or whether the supplier is properly billed.

Training in Andalusia

The Department of Consumer Affairs Board launched a decade ago a line of specific training for the elderly in Andalusia, and includes information on products and services related specifically to the elderly and those who may be more susceptible offered, such as miracle products, sales outside commercial establishments, revisions water facilities, electricity and gas or advertising.

Users of Andalusia Strategic Plan for Defence and Protection of Consumers and, launched by the Andalusian, It seeks to enforce the rights of citizenship, encourage responsible consumption and integrate business interests in the policies of the consumer protection.