The Board encourages the enhancement of agricultural production in the Comarca del Almanzora and Los Vélez

CADE Cantoria during one of the sessions.

CADE Cantoria during one of the sessions.

The Center for Entrepreneurial Development (CADE) Cantoria has developed in the municipalities of Velez-Rubio, Albox and Cantoria own a series of conferences called 'Valuing local agricultural production Almanzora area-Los Vélez', whose main aim has been to outline a development strategy for the area, able to facilitate and promote projects and initiatives likely to produce an economic and social revival of the region and raise awareness of the importance of adding value to local products.

At the conference, in which also they participated the velezano CADEs and albojense, They have attended a total of 76 people, linked to local agricultural products from different areas: institutional, professional, familiar, associations and educational. Equally, have been attended by representatives of organizations such as GDR Aprovel, UPA, FATHER, IFAPA, the municipalities of Cantoria and Chirivel, the Office of the Andalusian Employment Service in Cantoria and associations as ANCOS, Alveal / commonland and the Business Association of Vélez, Adesovélez.

In each of the municipalities they have developed differential aspects of the overall objective of the action. So, Velez-Rubio has addressed the valuation of local productions from the perspective of the hallmarks of territorial quality, such as Protected Geographical Indications and Appellations of Origin. At the conference held in Albox, meanwhile, activity has been focused on ecological tourism initiatives differentiation and valorization of the natural heritage. Finally, Cantoria has seen the development of local agricultural products from the process of transformation that adds importance to production.

Also, II coinciding with Equine Livestock Fair in Cantoria, Cantorian CADE held a open days where a lot of visitors have had the opportunity to see the facilities of the Center for Business Development Support and assistance services, qualified technical advice, training, Free tutoring and business accommodation offers entrepreneurs and businessmen in their area of ​​influence, which also includes the municipalities of Albanchez, Chercos, Cóbdar, Fines and Líjar.