The Board encourages entrepreneurship among students in vocational education IES Vera Alyanub


The Andalucía Emprende Foundation of the Ministry of Economy and Knowledge continues to develop in the province of Almeria the 'EmprendeJoven program’ with the embodiment, in the business incubator of the Centre for Entrepreneurial Development (CADE) de Vera, a series of seminars to entrepreneurs who have already attended 59 students from the Secondary School of this town Alyanub, a 95%, women, and 6 over 35 years old.

In the three sessions held so far they have involved students from the upper levels of Administration and Finance and Early Childhood Education, and the next 17 November attended by students from secondary school of Electrical and Electronic Equipment.

The students are especially interested in showing the variety of sectors represented among the twelve entrepreneurs incubated in the incubator offices, two of which, Emiliano Asensio Box, PREfast Technical Assistance of Precast, S. Coop. And., and Juan Ignacio Lopez Alarcon, an autonomous attorney, They have spoken of their business projects and technical services CADE have lent them to create their businesses, and administrative procedures that have needed to perform to start your business.

The territorial delegate of Economy, Innovation, Science and Employment, Miguel Angel Lopez Tortosa, states that "the Board's priority to bring the business world to students of all educational levels, fostering in young entrepreneurship as an engine of innovation, competitiveness and economic growth ". "With programs like 'EmprendeJoven' -HA added- We sensitize young people and orient them towards self-employment as a way to enter the labor market, in addition to enhancing their personal and professional capacities, in this case students who will soon enter the labor market, to know how to create viable enterprises ".

'EmprendeJoven’ is a program developed by the Ministry of Economy and Knowledge, in collaboration with the Ministry of Education, to promote entrepreneurial culture among students of Vocational Training. It addresses public and concerted centers, and this course 2015-2016 reaches its thirteenth edition. This initiative shows young entrepreneurship as a real option for the future, offering them the opportunity to realize their own business ideas into business projects, through the advice of technical experts of Andalusia Emprende.

The program consists of several phases. In the initial, ending this November, technical program attend vocational training institutes to perform among students awareness days and tell them how to perform a 'Test to undertake', this year, for the first time, It is performed so online, through the Web The second phase, which will begin in February, It consists of a series of 'Experiences Emprendedoras' in a province CADE (this year Vera, Carboneras, El Ejido, Vícar, Berja, Albox, Velez-Rubio or Almeria), in which pupils and students selected from the test developed capabilities for undertaking a dynamic and attractive way, They will contact entrepreneurs and get further information on how to start a business.

All students may participate in the contest "Business Plans EmprendeJoven ', Pre-registration through the web. Plans each student will be evaluated first by their teacher, which in turn will select the best of their group. The best business plans from each province will pass through several filters until an expert jury will select the eight best of Andalusia, one per province.

This project is funded in 80% with resources from the Operational Programme European Regional Development Fund of Andalusia 2007-2013 under the 'Local Plans and Infrastructure for Entrepreneurship'.