The Board Delivery 7,3 million in grants to ten irrigation communities to improve their irrigation.

The Ministry of Agriculture, Fisheries and Rural Development has approved ten resolutions grant irrigation communities in the province of Almería, which together add up public support of just over 7,3 million, practically 90% investment to be undertaken by the irrigators, amounting to about 8,7 million. The Government delegate of the Andalusian, Sonia Ferrer, accompanied by the territorial delegate of Agriculture, Fisheries and Environment, José Manuel Ortiz, has delivered this morning resolutions to irrigation communities. With these investments, as he highlighted the government delegate, "A few 6.300 members of the irrigation communities can improve and consolidate irrigation systems supplying water to 4.700 hectares of crops ".

The resolutions adopted by the Ministry of Agriculture, Fisheries and Rural Development correspond to the call of the year 2014 Rural Development Program 2007-2013 for the improvement and consolidation of irrigation for Andalusia, and are to be co-a 75% with the European Agricultural Fund for Rural Development (EAFRD).

Works, that have to be completed before the 1 July 2015, among other actions, which include the placement of pipes in some cases replace old acequias-, construction and waterproofing of rafts, construction of manholes and pumping stations, drive set netting, installation of meters and remote control systems in polls, and new water supply and installation of automatic fire hydrants. These are works that, according to Jose Manuel Ortiz, "They help reduce water losses, to rationalize consumption and, therefore, reduce irrigation costs and increase farmers' income ".

Sonia Ferrer stressed "the qualitative and quantitative leap that has given the province of Almería in the improvement and modernization of irrigation in the last two decades, change that was made possible thanks to the collaboration of farmers, irrigation communities, the Andalusian and other government, and has made it possible Almería province is making a better use of irrigation water and increased performance that gets its water resources and generates more jobs, with an average annual consumption of about 5.000 cubic meters per hectare of intensive cultivation ".

And if Almería has got to be one of the areas of Spain that makes more efficient use of irrigation water, as he remarked the government delegate, "It has been for the ongoing commitment of the irrigation communities to improve and modernize their irrigation systems, a bet in which the Junta de Andalucía has always been at his side and will remain. De facto, in the budgets of the Board 2015, the Ministry has planned a game of 50 million to continue improving and modernizing our irrigation ".

From 1995 until today, almerienses between irrigators and public administrations have invested some 220 million euros in the province, amount which is practically 50% the total of Andalusia. This investment, plus a 115 million has been contributed by public administrations.


Irrigation communities to which they have been given the order for grant are as follows:

-Irrigation Union of Cuevas del Almanzora: 1,13 million grant, for investing 1,27 million. A total of 1.805 partners and 1.645 hectares of crops.

-Payment of the Film Community (Arboleas): 137.393 Grant euros, and an investment of 154.348 euros. The community has 105 shareholders holding a 25 hectares of crops.

-River Alcolea (Alcolea): more of 1 million euros grant, for investing 1,19 million. You have 285 community members and 200 hectares.

-San Ramon Nonato (Zurgena): 120.810 Grant euros and an investment of 135.700 euros, for 80 commoners, own about 25 hectares of crops.

-Rio Adra (Adra): 1,13 million for grants for investment 1,27 million. This community has 1.544 partners and over 800 hectares.

-Balsa Vieja (Oria): 110.745 Grant euros and an investment of 124.426 euros, to receive their 96 villagers to improve irrigation of some 20 hectares.

-San Antonio (Tíjola): 275.735 euros for grants for investment and 309.702 euros to be carried out 197 partners, owners 678 hectares.

-Under Almanzora (Huercal-Overa, Vera, Antas and Zurgena): 1,12 million grant, for 1,25 million investment. This community has 1.200 partners.

-The Canyons of Sierra Nevada (Abrucena y sister): 1,13 million for an investment of 1,27 million. You have 822 partners and 838 hectares of crops

-Los Llanos de Dalías (Dalías): 1,13 million, 1,27 million euro investment. This community has 154 partners and 477 hectares.