The Board Delivery 64 support for young enterprises farmers of Los Vélez, Albox and Huercal-Overa

The delegate of the Board in Almería, Maribel Sanchez, and the territorial delegate of Agriculture, Cattle raising, Fisheries and Sustainable Development of the Junta de Andalucía, Aranzazu Martin, They have delivered this Friday 64 aids aimed at business creation for young farmers belonging to the District Agricultural Organization (Tail) Velez Rubio, Albox and Huercal-Overa.

During the ceremony developed in the city of Vélez Rubio, the delegate of Agriculture stressed that these 64 resolutions aid delivered, valued at 3.185.000 euros, 24 They have been directed at agricultural farms whose owners are women.

In a note, Martin has stressed the significant increase in women entering in the province of Almeria agriculture, It is the province of Almeria higher percentage of young farmers in Andalusia.

Delivered aid are aimed at young people who will be dedicated to the cultivation of the almond tree 31 them, seven to various permanent crops, two vegetables to the outdoor and one intensive cultivation in greenhouse. There are also five companies goats, three apiculture, two of laying hens, one of them also with specialized citrus, three of poultry meat, one of eight bovine unclassified.

Sanchez has referred to the firm commitment of the regional government for the future of agriculture, practical measures such as the abolition of inheritance tax and donations and increased aid for young farmers to reach 75 million.

He also recalled how recently said by the Minister Carmen Crespo, in the sense that this figure will increase in 7,2 millions more, in order to meet the one hundred percent of approved applications and eliminate the waiting list to access these grants financed by the European Agricultural Fund for Rural Development (Feader).

In this, has highlighted the importance of that first brought forward the 25 percent of aid to beneficiaries more liquid when starting their business, as “is fundamental purpose of this Government Andaluz facilitate entry into the sector to young farmers, promoting generational change”.


The delegate of Agriculture has visited two farms located in the municipality of Vélez Rubio and Chirivel in, which they have been subsidized by the Board in different calls for targeted support for business creation for young farmers, checked in situ the onset and development of business plans each, mark approved and in accordance with the technical guidance of economic exploitation.

Velez Rubio has visited a farm which consists of an area of ​​rainfed almond 17,38 hectares, whose owner is Jonathan Soto, which they were paid to him 45.500 euro grant of the call for 2015, rental fee for the farm, start-up costs, of cultivation and harvesting etc..

Also in this municipality the company is located in Angel Perez Navarro, which it consists of a ship fattening 450 pigs, a surface almond rainfed 14,3989 hectares and an area of ​​field crops irrigation 0,32 hectares. You will have paid 55.500 euros, the call for 2015, for investment in rental fees farm, development of breeding and care of pigs and start-up expenses, crop and gathering.

The owner was also recipient of the call for aid 2016 for the construction of two ships for fattening pigs with a grant paid 108.000 euros for a total investment of 238.416.

The delegate has verified the start of the business plan of operation is located in Chirivel, whose owner is José Antonio Ayora, which it has a plot of nonproductive (uncultivated pasture) almost 41 hectares and 510 trashumantes beehives for honey production. The grant in the call for 2018 it is from 55.500 euros for the purchase of beehives and equipment handling and transportation thereof.

Source: EuropaPress