The Board teaches entrepreneurs and entrepreneurs in the Almanzora how to improve their business with Canvas Model

Seminar attendees.

Seminar attendees.

The Andalusian Center for Entrepreneurship (CADE) Seron, belonging to Andalusia Emprende-entity attached to the Ministry of Economy and Knowledge-, has given a training seminar in which five businessmen and entrepreneurs, belonging to different sectors (manufacture of wooden structures, joinery installation, production of metal furniture or massage), They have known the technique Canvas, the Canvas model, a novel approach to the development of a consistent business plan in structure the key actions needed to address a business idea and generate an innovative value proposition and viable.

The seminar started with the introduction of the model Canvas, where a simple and practical way has clarified the idea of ​​establishing business map action by viewing the idea into nine modules that reflect the logic that follows a company to generate income. We analyzed the company externals, the environment (market segment, value proposal, channels, relationship with customers and sources of income) and internal aspects of the company, as key partners, activities and key resources and cost structure, all within the document called Canvas.

The activity enabled team interaction, promoting the contribution of value to the initial design of the proposed model and improving the chances of success of the business idea before putting it into practice.

The panniers CADE serves a population of more than 7.200 inhabitants of Alcóntar, Armuña del Almanzora, Bacares, Bayarque, Tíjola and Serón own. It has two ships that companies already established can stay for three years.

Andalucía Emprende is an entity attached to the Ministry of Economy and Knowledge that promotes entrepreneurial culture and the Andalusian business through actions and support services for entrepreneurs, intended to encourage the creation and development of enterprises and employment in the territory. For this, has 26 Andalusians Entrepreneurship Centers (CADE) in the province of Almeria have 125 free business accommodation spaces (30 ships and 95 offices) and a qualified team of specialists in creating and providing business development support services, qualified technical advice, training and mentoring to help entrepreneurs and entrepreneurs in the start-up of new enterprises and the development of existing.