The Board disseminates the values ​​of protected areas through an exhibition on the Natura Network 2000 Seron

The Provincial Delegate, D. Antonio Martinez.

The Provincial Delegate, D. Antonio Martinez.

The delegate of the Environment has opened this traveling exhibition in the Interpretation Center of Mining ores
The delegate of Environment and Spatial Planning, Antonio Martinez, and the mayor of Seron, Juan Antonio Lorenzo, have inaugurated the exhibition 'Natura 2000. Protected Natural Areas Conservation and Sustainable Development ', installed until next 10 June at the Interpretation Center of Mining and Natural History of Filabres, Las Menas.

Show the natural values, ethnological and cultural almerienses protected areas included in the Nature Network 2000 and the opportunities for sustainable development and employment generation green, are the objectives of this traveling exhibition that features a selection of photographs of different protected natural areas and a series of information panels describing the Natura Network 2000 in Andalusia and its management tools, besides presenting environmental values, ethnological and cultural heritage of the various natural areas in the province of Almeria included in this European network.

During his visit, Antonio Martinez, It has referred to the natural values ​​of 'Calares Sierra Filabres', an area of ​​special conservation (ZEC), which it is part of the Natura Network 2000 and it includes 6.616 hectares of high environmental uniqueness, most public ownership and distributed in high limestone areas of Los Filabres pertencientes the municipalities of Bacares, Bayarque, Pannier, Sierro y Velefique.

Martinez said that the inclusion of this space in the Red Natura 2000 is "a guarantee of conservation of habitats and species of Community interest that exist in the Sierra de Los Filabres, the largest in the province, and provides an opportunity to add value to this area and to promote public-private generators of employment and wealth initiatives in their area of ​​socioeconomic influence through European funds ".
Interpretation center

The Junta de Andalucía allocated 236.000 euros for the restoration and equipping of the old 'house manager' of the mining town of Las Menas, Seron, to become the Interpretation Center of Mining and Natural History of Filabres. The installations, which they began operating a year ago, show the environmental uniqueness of the Sierra de los Filabres, the exploitation of their natural resources until mid-twentieth century and the history of mining in the area. In addition to the exhibition on the Natural Red 2000, Interpretation Center hosts the exhibition provided by the City of Seron 'Las Menas. A look at the mining world (1915-1968). Emilio Herrero photographic collection 'and the documentary' The lights carbide '. The opening hours of the center is 10.00 a 14.00 hours, on Monday, Thursday and Friday, and 10.00 a 17.00 hours, Saturdays, Sundays and holidays.

Red Natura 2000 Almeria

Nail 270.000 hectares, a 30 percent of the surface provincial, spread over 23 Almería integrated into natural areas Natura 2000. Besides natural parks – Cabo de Gata-Nijar, Sierra Maria-Los Velez, National and Natural Park of Sierra Nevada, Adra Albufera Nature Reserve and natural landscapes of the Tabernas Desert, Punta Entinas-Sabinar, Alboran Island, Karst in Yesos and Sierra Alhamilla, the Board has joined the European network Natura 2000 other areas of the province that are home to a great diversity of ecosystems and species such as the Sierra del Oso, Sierra de Cabrera-Bédar, Sierra de Gádor and Enix, Ramblas de Gérgal, Calares of Sierra de Los Filabres, Taverns and Southern Sierra Alhamilla, Rambla de Los Arejos and seabed Alboran, inter alia.

The aim of Natura is to ensure the conservation of natural habitats and wild flora and fauna, and promote sustainable socio-economic development.

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