The Junta de Andalucía grants Natural Resources Economics S.L.. permit mining research in Oria

The territorial delegate of Knowledge and Employment, Miguel Angel Lopez Tortosa, He has given the representative of the market economy Natural Resources S. L., Enrique Burkhalter, authorization of a permit to investigate resources Section C) of the Mining Act, specifically copper, cobalt and nickel in the municipality of Oria. The research permit, called 'Cañarico' affects a surface mining twelve grids (about 360 hectares) and it is valid for three years.

Miguel Angel Tortosa has highlighted "the commitment of the Government of Andalusia for the development of mining as one of the main productive sectors of our community, capable of generating wealth and employment and to absorb much of the stock of unemployment that generated the crisis in the construction ". In this sense, It noted that the Andalusian government is streamlining administrative procedures to operate mining sites and, at the same time, "Boosting R & D in this sector, always ensuring compliance with environmental legislation, with special attention to the obligation to restore land affected by mining activity, and within the philosophy build new model of sustainable development ".

The research permit is an authorization must be granted by the administration when certain requirements are met, without exempting the person concerned to obtain other permits, authorizations and / or licenses required for other sectoral rules, as may be urban, forest, landscape or environmental. Territorial Delegation of Knowledge and Employment is competent to grant or deny a research permit for reasons of territoriality based on the provisions of the Mining Act 22/1973, of 21 July, and the General Regulations for the Mining Plan approved by Royal Decree 2857/1987 of 25 August.
The authorization includes various prescriptions, including that any resulting action affecting the environmentally protected area spaces if the case arises- you must have specific authorization from the Provincial Delegation of Environment and Planning.

The resolution also indicates that the holder must provide the Health and Safety Document adjusted ITC 2.1.01, and to present the work plan to run during the first year within four months from the permit holder is able to occupy the land.

Equally, the territorial delegate of Knowledge and Employment has given Natural Resources Economics S. The. the resolution of approval of the restoration plan linked to the research permit, in which it appears that the company will be before making the work an amount to guarantee restoration of land affected by mining work.