The Board granted 111.000 euros in aid to SMEs and autonomous almerienses to improve their safety and health

The Ministry of Employment, Business and Commerce has approved the granting of 14 incentives to as many companies and freelancers in the province of Almeria to carry out projects to improve safety and health, incentives reaching a total amount of 111.823 euros, facilitating a higher investment 158.000 euros, and which fall in the call for 2016 subsidies to SMEs and freelancers for project development risk prevention.

Most of the aid granted, specifically 9 of the 14, It corresponds to the line of support for the implementation of new equipment and safety measures, with a global amount approved 88.052 euros for an investment of 12.700. Supported projects include the purchase of safer machinery for work related to electricity, construction, olive oil processing, moving loads, work at height, silica dust extraction, and removing chemical contaminants in powder form. Companies and freelancers beneficiaries of this line of support have a term of between 3 and 9 months to implement projects.

Also, others have been approved 5 incentives totaling 23.771 euros for the implementation and certification of the OHSAS standard 18001, that specifies requirements to implement a management system of safety and health at work. These grants will support an investment of almost 32.000 euros by five companies from various sectors, that have 12 months for projects.

The resolution of the Territorial Delegation of Economy, Innovation, Science and Employment of Almeria why aid aimed at SMEs and freelancers for project development risk prevention are approved is available on the website of the Ministry of Employment, Business and Trade, the following link:

The order of support in which this call is part comprises four lines: the first of which includes a range of between 2.000 and 18.000 euros with a maximum of 75% investment, It is intended to encourage projects that improve the own preventive structure in the company, as the setting up of own or joint prevention; work safety training or recruitment costs of technical safety.

The second line of support, which includes the same economic incentives that previous, finances the implementation of projects that facilitate compliance with regulations on labor safety. specific action programs will encourage both to prevent accidents that the company has suffered as the design of management systems Occupational Safety and Health; diagnoses of emerging risks; specific training plans or ergonomic and psychosocial studies, among other measures.

The third line of incentives that includes the new order, aid collected from 2.000 and 18.000 euros, with a maximum of 75% investment, for the implementation of new equipment and safety measures. It subsidizes from the adaptation to the purchase of safety equipment in the various sectors, including for example the replacement in the field of construction scaffolding of old or defective work for those that conform to European standards; the necessary facilities to prevent chemical risks, or equipment needed for agricultural machinery and tractors and works of processed quartz.

Last, the fourth line of support, from collecting incentives 1.500 and 12.000 euros with a ceiling of 75% investment, It includes grants to promote innovative design and development projects and exchange of good preventive practices among businesses.