The Board authorizes an expense of 33 million to connect the Almanzora highway with the A-7

The Governing Council has approved an expenditure of 32.980.850 euros to start work on the section that will definitively connect the Almanzora Highway (A- 334) with the Mediterranean Highway (A-7), in the province of Almería. This authorization will allow to tender this month the works, which will be added to the works that have already been carried out for a year for the construction of this highway on the El Cucador-La Concepción section.

The section between the La Concepción link (AL-7106) and the link to the Mediterranean Highway consists of 3,6 kilometers. Two-lane roadways are projected in each direction 3,5 meters, shoulder of 2,5 meters, interior shoulder of one meter and berms of 1,1 meters. The median will be six meters wide. Two new links will be executed, located at the beginning and end of the section.

The first is located at the kilometer point 3+250 of the new highway, and is projected to facilitate access to the new photovoltaic plant and to the districts of La Concepción and El Palacés. The second link serves as a connection between the new A-334 and the Autovía del Mediterráneo. Also, five higher steps are proposed: a viaduct of 45 meters in length to save the Barranco del Muerto, an overpass to replace the Vereda de la Cuesta Blanca and three in the aforementioned link with the A-7. Equally, an underpass is planned on the Rambla de la Ballabona.

This investment is in addition to 25,6 million of the works of the section of more than 3,3 kilometers of the Almanzora highway between El Cucador and La Concepción, that started in September 2019 and they are at 63% Run.

En total, the Junta de Andalucía will allocate more than 50 million in this mandate to give the final impulse to a highway whose works began ago 15 years and that it still does not fulfill its main task of facilitating a direct connection with the Mediterranean coast that backbones the territory and, turn, contribute to helping the economy of the region and the marble sector.