The Board supports the creation of 29 new businesses and 38 CADE jobs through Huercal Overa so far this year.

The Andalusian, through the Center for Entrepreneurial Development (CADE) Huercal Overa, belonging to the attached Embark-turn to the Ministry of Economy Andalusia Foundation, Innovation, Science and Employment, has driven so far this year creating 29 township enterprises in, which generated 36 new jobs, mostly among people of 25 a 40 years old. Equally, have been supported development plans of companies already established in previous years that have generated two jobs more.

The 29 companies created have been promoted by as many em-pins and entrepreneurial, which 27 have been constituted as autonomous and the rest are a civil society and a limited. As for the sectors to which they belong these companies are varied, highlighting hospitality, the indus-trias graphic, textiles, trade, information and communi-cation, professional activities, health and social services, sports and arts.

Also, this center has conducted twelve training events have been attended 223 entrepreneurs and business, focusing on such issues as the general aspects of the autonomic, business marketing, how to make a business plan and feasibility analysis, sources of funding for young entrepreneurs, eat-cial management, social and mutual security in the enterprise, creativity, self-management of the business or le Programme to Promote Sustainable Construction.

The territorial delegate Economy, Innovation, Science and Employment, Adriana Valverde, He stressed "the clear commitment of the Government of Andalusia for growth policies and economic stimulus against cuts, because they are the way out of the crisis and strengthen the weak recovery of the economy we are witnessing "and in this sense has been identified as" key "support for entrepreneurs and business, "Who are capable of generating wealth and what is more important today than ever, employment.

CADE Huercal Overa provides support services to entrepreneurs and businesses since 2009, serving a population approxi-mately 18.600 people. Located on Calle Jimenez Diaz No 22, CADE belongs to the zone of Almeria, acting on other 6 CADES, specifically in the municipalities of Carbone-ras, Cuevas del Almanzora, Nijar, Pulpí, Turre y Vera.

Embark Andalucía

Embark Andalucía is a foundation attached to the Ministry of Economy, Innovation, Science and Employment, working to promote entrepreneurship and economic activity in the region through specific programs and providing support services for entrepreneurs and business, to help drive the creation and development of enterprises and employment.

This has 215 Centers for Entrepreneurial Development (CADES) that cover the entire Community – 26 of them in the province of Almería-, where a team of specialists in different business subjects provide, for free, infor-mation, qualified technical advice, training, tutoring, existing support and free monitoring to support the implementation of new business ideas and guide the development of compa-nies.

In the first nine months of 2014 the 26 CADEs province contributed to the creation of 870 new companies with an initial investment of 9,13 million and 1.121 jobs linked, which 76 correspond to development plans for entering new business lines, improve or modernize existing.