The Board supports 184.000 hiring euros 29 unemployed people in Tíjola and Serón

Delegate, in his view Seron (cold)

Delegate, in his view Seron (cold)

Know the progress of recruitment of unemployed persons in the plans Emple@Joven and Emple @ 30+ They carried out by the municipalities of Tíjola and Serón, as well as having a first contact with the newly formed association 'Seron Trade' and expose the lines of aid to the trade associations of the Board: They have been the targets of visits made today by the territorial delegate of Economy, Innovation, Science and Employment, Miguel Angel Lopez Tortosa, both municipalities, in which the Andalusian Government, with co-funding from the European Social Fund, invests 184.100 euros to enable contracting 29 people unemployed, 14 of them young people under 30 years old.

In the delegate greeted Tíjola, with the mayor, Mario Padilla Maldonado, the first workers and contract workers in the 18 in total that can work with the help of the Board 117.800 Framed euros in Social Cooperation Initiative and Community Emple@Joven and Emple @ 30+. These projects also allow provide care provision in the Residence of the Third Age 'San Sebastian', strengthen care in the municipal nursery school, revalue and keep clean urban public spaces and restore the old train located in the railway station to promote tourism.

Within the first program will be hired for six months 9 people, with salaries ranging between 1.300 and 1.500 Monthly euros, as construction laborers (2), painters / the (2), sweepers / as (2), gardener / a, nursing assistant in geriatrics and technical / a Early Childhood Education. With Emple @ 30+ They may also work for 6 other months 9 unemployed people over 30 years as construction laborers (3), gardeners / as (3), barredero/a, Carpenter / a of alumnio, metal and PVC and teacher / a Early Childhood Education, with wages 1.300 a 1.600 euros.

Tortosa Lopez has also been moved to Seron to visit with the mayor, Juan Antonio Lorenzo, frameworks of action employment plans, in which the Ministry of Employment, Business and Trade Board invests 66.300 euros to hire 11 unemployed. Of this, 5 They are young people who will be hired by 6 and 7 months, with wages 1.300 euros, as cleaners (3) and monitors / as education and free time (2) to carry out work conditioning and beautification of spaces for tourist use of Seron, as well as cultural and tourist revitalization of their heritage resources.

In the program Emple @ 30+ recruitments are 3 the 4 months, with wages 1.300 euros, and all in the occupation of farmhand; these workers will put up a river park in La Vega, next to Almanzora river and the river Bolonor, to turn it into a natural recreational walk for pedestrians and cyclists with high landscape value and complementing the area of ​​sports facilities in the municipality.

The territorial delegate spoke with workers already employed in both municipalities, with whom he has stressed the "important opportunity offered by these programs to gain work experience, especially in the case of young, and retrain, in those over 30 years old, increasing their employability and earning at the end of an accreditation programs that certify the training and experience acquired ".

As she recalled by the delegate of Economy, Innovation, Science and Employment, the Andalusian invests 20,14 million euros to cover the 100% wages of 2.653 almerienses unemployed people who will be hired by the 103 municipalities of Almería, to whom he thanked "to join the effort by the Board to respond to the main challenge of our society, job creation ".

Meeting with the business association of Seron

Moreover, Miguel Angel Tortosa held a first meeting with representatives of the association 'Seron Trade', founded in last December, to see first hand their needs and objectives and expose support services and incentives lines of the Ministry of Employment, Business and Trade, with particular emphasis on aid for trade associations and shopping centers open, equipped with 2,95 million euros and whose application deadline ends 8 February.

So, Tortosa Lopez explained to the board of directors 'Seron Trade' that can apply for grants of between 10.000 and 15.000 euros to modernize its management with ICT, make sales promotion campaigns and undertake improvements in energy efficiency and sustainability. Provincial and local associations also eligible for incentives to create customer loyalty systems, while regional can do to organize days, courses or workshops to improve the efficiency of business, knowledge of current legislation on domestic trade and serve to implement quality standards of services for small businesses, support ranging from 5.000 a 30.000 euros.