The Board contributes 63.450 euros for the expansion of the special education center Ver de Olula

The territorial delegate for Tourism, Regeneration, Justice and Local Administration in Almería, Jose Luis Delgado, and its Education counterpart, Sport, Equality, Social Policies and Conciliation, Antonio Jimenez, have visited today the district special education center Ver de Olula, whose expansion works have 63.450 Euros from the Board under the Agricultural Employment Promotion Program (PFEA).

Specifically, the association of people with disabilities Ver de Olula has already undertaken the first phase of the expansion, with a contribution of 29.362,50 euros to co-finance the materials of the works of a project presented to the PFEA by the Mancomunidad del Valle del Almanzora. In the convocation of 2020, the contribution of the Ministry led by Juan Marín for the second phase has increased to 34.087,50 euros.

"The PFEA is not only a plan to create employment with the execution of the works but also to improve the infrastructures and services of the rural environment and develop future projects that contribute to serving the neighbors, in this case the most vulnerable, and fix the population so that they do not have to go away to receive early care and adequate training for their needs ", has highlighted the territorial delegate of Local Administration.

Ver de Olula is an association that leads 30 years working for people with disabilities in the Almanzora Valley and the special education center is a pioneer in the region.

The delegate for Education highlighted that the center has 22 school places arranged with the Junta de Andalucía and 40 early care, expected to increase to 55.

Also, as explained to the representatives of the Board by the president of the association, Miguel Martinez, and the technical director of the center, Juan Francisco Garre, View of Olula is managing 46 scholarships for Special Education students. The organization also trains specialists in Special Education, coordinates Occupational Training courses and develops a School for Fathers and Mothers.

The Andalusian Government's contribution to this center is, in the words of the territorial delegate of Local Administration, "A sample of the Board's commitment to municipalism, aware that it is the local public and associative entities that are closest to the citizen to offer them answers, although they need us to support them with resources to do so ".

De facto, under the PFEA, Olula del Río City Council has also received 22.950 euros from the Board to undertake reforms in municipal infrastructures and 2020 It is expected that it will have a similar item to continue improving public spaces and facilities.

During his visit, the territorial delegates of Local Administration and Education and Equality have been accompanied by the mayor of Olula del Río, Antonio Martínez Pascual.