The Board announced in Almeria a plan to become smart cities to municipalities under 20.000 people


The Minister of Employment, Business and Trade, José Sánchez Maldonado, It announced today that the Board of Almería Andalusia is finalizing approval AndalucíaSmart Strategy, It will drive the conversion of the Andalusian municipalities in smart cities and will include an action plan to develop projects specifically aimed Smart in localities of less than 20.000 people.

Speaking at the closing conference "A digital world" organized by La Voz de Almería, the counselor has advanced that these measures will be adopted soon and that will have an investment of 50 million until the year 2020, of which 30 million will be directed specifically to finance smart cities projects in municipalities of less than 20.000 people.

This is part of a series of actions that the regional government will develop ahead of fostering innovation in the autonomous community and the promotion of ICTs, some plans that the Minister described as "crucial" that can respond Andalusia "solvency in this new digital world", and will involve different actors in "new economy".

Among these programs, Maldonado Sanchez cited the Telecommunications Infrastructure Strategy of Andalusia 2020, including the extension of communication networks, high-capacity throughout the country and the fulfillment of the objectives of extending broadband. This strategy is aimed at ensuring that all citizens, regardless of where you live or work, You can access the most advanced digital services.

Also in the design phase Strategy to Promote ICT Sector 2020, which will address issues such as innovation funding, the modernization of the business ICT or supporting high technological potential entrepreneurs, and already it is running the Digital Security Plan and Trust, with which it seeks to transfer to companies and citizens to improve the security and confidence in ICT.

Maldonado Sanchez also recalled the fundamental role played by the Andalusia Digital Commitment program and the network of Guadalinfo, they have come across the territory the use of ICT and offer an extensive training catalog is free and aimed at improving the employability of people who are unemployed digital skills.

In line with these actions, the Minister emphasized the role of collaboration with the private sector, specifically with multinational technology sector and telecommunications, as the agreement signed with Telefonica to develop the Andalucia Open Future program, which is allowing support entrepreneurial projects based on innovation.

"Digital technologies are the fourth industrial revolution, industry 4.0, a new revolution that creates value by connecting people, items, machines, services and content ", He added the Minister, which argued that from Andalusia "will address this digital challenge as an alternative to generate wealth and employment, but also as an exceptional opportunity to advance in a new production model, most innovative and sustainable ".