The Board expands and reforms the IES Cura Valera with an investment of more than 3.330.000 euros

La Delegada del Gobierno junto a autoridades.

La Delegada del Gobierno junto a autoridades.
La Delegada del Gobierno junto a autoridades.

The Government delegate of the Junta de Andalucia in Almeria, Grace Fernandez and territorial delegate of Education, Francisca Fernández, They participated this morning in the ceremony of laying a foundation stone for the renovation and expansion that the Board carried out at the Institute of Secondary Education (IES) Cura Valera, Huercal-Overa.

Gracia Fernández ha señalado que esta actuación, en la que la Consejería de Educación invierte 3.339.750, permitirá crear 80 new school places and expand the capacity of the center to the 700 sleeps, además de mejorar las instalaciones actuales.

The expansion of the center will take place through the construction of a new annex and complete redeployment of existing buildings. Also, the reform will mean the elimination of architectural barriers and the improvement and adaptation of urbanization.

The new building, which will connect to the main lobby through common access where stairs will be placed and a lift, will feature concierge, administrative area, Cafeteria, library, technology classrooms and drawing Baccalaureate, Teacher toilets, pupils and adapted, and the space needed to host the training cycles (a multipurpose classroom, three computer, a classroom-workshop, two seminars and a study orientation).

As for existing buildings, we will proceed to complete remodeling of its interior, including facilities, carpentry, coatings, finishes and space distribution. To remove architectural barriers ramps on major tours will be arranged and, last, a new sports track will be built 22×44 meters and a new perimeter fence will be installed in the most damaged areas, arranging in those where it can preserve.

IES Cura Valera

El IES Cura Valera imparte ESO, baccalaureate, Basic training courses Training, Grado Medio y Grado Superior, así como ESO y bachiller para adultos y cuenta con una unidad específica de Educación Especial.

The school, Bilingual Spanish-English, cuenta con diferentes programas y planes, que se van actualizando cada año y a través de los que se aborda, the educational system, aspects of the complex social reality that can be improved through education.

Estos programas desarrollados por el profesorado del instituto, abarcan desde hábitos de vida saludable a educación ambiental, aula de cine o uso positivo de las TIC. Pertenece a la Red Andaluza “Escuela: Espacio de paz”, a los programa Escuelas deportivas, KiotoEduca, Miniempresas educativas, Recapacicla o al Plan Escuela TIC 2.0, inter alia.

Plan Infraestructuras educativas

This intervention is included in the Investment Plan for the period Educational Infrastructures 2016-2017 of the Ministry of Education, that runs through the Andalusian Public Education Agency. This plan is provided with 107 million euros and includes 128 new construction activities, expansion and improvement of facilities in the eight Andalusian provinces.