The Board awarded by a 100.000 euros dredged the port of Hope and balsa, Villaricos

Puerto de La Balsica, Villaricos.

Puerto de La Balsica, Villaricos.

The territorial delegate of Public Works and Housing, Joaquín Jiménez, It announced the award today, for about 1000.00 euros in total, of dredged from ports of Hope and Balsa, in the Almeria village of Villaricos, work will start immediately and have a deadline of one month. So it has moved to the mayor of Cuevas de Almanzora, Antonio Fernández, with whom he has also visited the home of improving access to the neighborhood Las Canalejas from A-1201.

Plenty of jobs at ports, Jimenez explained that in late May three bids for each of the dredgings were requested and day 5 June were awarded. For nautical port facilities of Hope, the company responsible shall Engineering Marina, with a budget of 49.000 euros, while jobs in the port of Balsa have been awarded Construcciones Govasur, SL, by 43.250 euros.

Jimenez recalled that already in 2015, the Ministry of Public Works and Housing approved the Plan uses these port areas of Villaricos in order to promote the development of tourism in these areas, dedicated primarily to recreational boating. En total, Plan intended 1.376 square meters of land for private initiative can be installed and complementary activities to the proper port, predominantly leisure, shops and restaurants.

En total, between La Balsa and Hope, Plan Uses orders 40.400 square meters, corresponding 11.800 square meters land area and the rest water surface, thereby adjusting the port service area demarcation of maritime-terrestrial public domain and infrastructure existing shelter. Before the port visit, the delegate and the mayor attended the start of the remodeling of the intersection of access to the neighborhood of Las Canalejas, located at Km 7,9 Highway A-1201. The purpose of this action, authorized by the Territorial Delegation of Public Works and Housing in Almeria, It is to equip the current crossing center lanes waiting, so that the movements are performed safely. This action, promoted by the City of Cuevas de Almanzora, It has an investment of 220.200 euros and within two and a half months.

The set of actions undertaken jointly by both administrations means, as it has shown the delegate, "Improving road safety on a stretch of road from the regional network had high accident rates and a traffic rate reaches 4.500 vehicles a day ".

Joaquín Jiménez stressed that these works are included in a road safety action that the Territorial Delegation has developed on the road A-1201, A-332 to limit Murcian region Pulpí, between kilometers 7,7 and 8,5, including on the one hand the reorganization of existing accesses on the left bank of the A-1201, by executing a service road 290 meters in length connecting both hits and was executed in November 2016. To this modification of the intersection located at Km adds 8,5 to enable a change of direction in the same, which it was implemented in December 2016. Both actions implemented by the Territorial Delegation involves an investment of 72.917 euros.