The Board awarded the use of pastures in public forests of the Sierra de Filabres


The Ministry of Environment and Spatial Planning has awarded the use of pastures in public forests of the Sierra de Filabres. En total, seven lots of pastures are located in the municipalities of Alcóntar, Bacares, Fiñana, Gérgal, Senés, Seron and Velefique totaling an area of 12.236 hectares. Technicians Environment Agency and Water held a meeting at the Center for Forest Defense Seron farmers awardees to address the development of this action is part of the Plan for Comprehensive Management of Public mountains of the Sierra de Los Filabres (PGI), an initiative of the Board to boost the local economy and job creation that will have a budget of almost two million euros for the next ten years.

In addition to resolve doubts and deliver the award document, technicians Environment explained the mechanisms of coordination between grazing and hunting use that already exists in these areas and provided to farmers mapping every mountain detailing the location of firewalls on those included in the RAPCA program grazing controlled to maintain these elements of protection against forest fires.

The Ministry of Environment and Spatial Planning launched for the first time 2005 the Pasto-Area Network Firewall program (RABAC) that facilitates the controlled use "as a fire prevention tool allows sustainable grazing and traditional Andalusian Mediterranean forest maintenance, while it is encouraging the trade of livestock ", He explained the delegate of Environment and Planning, Raúl Enríquez.

PGI Sierra de los Filabres

The Comprehensive Management Plan public forests of the Sierra de los Filabres be held in 37.126 hectares of forest land distributed by the towns of Abla, Abrucena, Albanchez, Alcóntar, Armuña of Almanzora, Bacares, Bayarque, Singing, Castro de Filabres, Fines, Fiñana, Gérgal, Laroya, Líjar, Macael, Birth, Olula de Castro, Purchena, Senés, Pannier, Sierro, Suflí, He pulled, Las Tres Villas and Velefique. It is expected to generate a total of about 83.980 direct wages.

Enríquez has insisted on "the need for concerted efforts to advance this plan will open new opportunities for business, wealth generation and job creation while guarantee and strengthen the conservation of natural heritage management with more self-sufficient and a more positive perception of the mountains ".