The Second Exhibition of Rural and Ethnographic Film Almanzora Valley be held in August

Cooperates Almanzora and the City of Urrácal convene a contest for the election of the poster

After the success achieved in its first edition, and it is working on scheduling the second edition of the Exhibition of Rural and Ethnographic Film Almanzora, transferring its timing of the first week of August next year.

As new find that expands the number of days, and the content to enjoy the public, projection having short, feature films, debates and conferences, where cross-cutting issues that directly affect this type of film will be analyzed.

During the first edition of a retrospective of the work of José Carlos Castano it was, Eight producer Lobos, which gave rise to an open discussion of the depopulation, opportunities of rural areas and the subsistence economy of ancient crafts, with the participation of the delegate of the Board of Public Works, Antonio Martinez Rodriguez, and the provincial deputy and mayor of Almócita, Francisco García García, President of the Association AMCODES.

The opportunity to energize and revitalize the cultural and tourist pulse of small towns, threatened by depopulation and lack of opportunities, redoubles interest in this project. Cinema, apparently, It provides focus and other artistic promotion luck out of his hands.

The mayor of Urrácal, Maribel Serrano, It is shown fully involved in this initiative developed jointly with Cooperates Almanzora, "So we have opted for its growth and also hold a competition to choose the poster that will serve as support for the second edition". Maribel Serrano also notes "the importance to be able to celebrate Urrácal as unique as this event both liked the last edition"

Posters participate in the contest they must be presented to the City of Urrácal, with a digital copy paper and other. The deadline for submitting the completed work 1 July 2019. A single prize of 200 € for the winning poster set.